Music in Mind

Sunday 23rd September 2018

Birthdays, Dalston.




Sunday 23rd September 2018

Host: Linda E!

Providing the sounds were Jann Wynter and DJ Longers.

 LIVE performances on the night:







Music in Mind is a charity event put on to showcase music and raise awareness of mental health with all proceeds from ticket sales going to MIND, the mental health charity.

This event was put on by Sophie (Music in Motion PR) who I have been getting to know over the past year, she is fierce and lovely but also very brave! We’ve discovered we have got quite a few things in common, one thing being that

‘if all else fails at least we have toast.’

Sophie’s been through a tough time recently with the loss of her father, and I was stunned at how strong she was being and how disciplined she is with her work, from what I could see she was really working hard maintaining her relationships across seas and travelling to and from Atlanta, LA, Kent and London religiously, maintaining social media, organising events, even keeping me updated. I reached out to Sophie and she told me about the Music in Mind event she had planned and she told me;

“I’m putting this event on to put my energy into something positive and hopefully help someone else in doing so 🙏🏻”

I met Sophie at Angel Station, she came to mine, we was finishing off last minute bits on the laptops then got ready to go to soundcheck.

IMG_9758 3
BARE TEETH, I ain’t worried new teeth soon come x

Soph looked beautiful, she had a really pretty lace body on with her cool custom Marbek bomber, we both decided against heeled boots and did flats instead lol

We got to Birthdays after minor technical difficulties with Uber. #ViaVan – way forward.

IMG_9765 3

Meron and Afronaut Zu were doing soundcheck, I went over and greeted Kaiya Milan who manages him, she was making sure all last minute bits were in check.

DJ Jann Wynters was warming up the ladies with strong independent woman songs!

Linda E arrived, our host for the night, beautiful as ever!! Linda hosts her own show on Pulse 88 and I met her recently at Trends&Tags 🙂

As a few guests started coming through I met a lovely young lady Deanna who was humbly telling me about her plans to go to Miami and then come back and focus on starting a promotion business, she was really positive and enthusiastic about her plans and had great vibes!

Janny played Saweetie – Icy and that was it… The Females were out to play! Boss moves on the dancefloor haha

Linda took stage, welcomed the crowd to gather more intimately at the front, to get involved and to not be afraid of talking about mental health, Meron was up first and she absolutely silenced me. Powerful voice and beautiful R&B tones. Meron recently opened up for Mila J and August Alsina, she has an EP available for your ears here. We were treated to a live performance of 3 of her songs, Team, Listen & Thin air which definitely woke everyone’s ears up.

Linda E then introduced Afronaut Zu to the stage who performed 3 songs from his latest EP ‘Melanalia‘ – I really like ‘Martians’ which he played me for in the studio the other day.

My BEAUTIFUL girl Francesca came down, she was having a really good time, all the ladies were enjoying the music.

Dotty Ldn was up next – He had a proper sick flow and I really enjoyed his wordplay!

Linda graced the stage, making everyone feel comfortable and started dishing out the banter when she introduced Joe Grind lol he performed 3 songs including his most recent single Gangsta which everyone got involved in – WARNING – it’s very catchy!

Trillary Banks – Her sound is everything!! Mcing, Caribbean dancehall vibes with a gangsta girl mix. ‘Come Over Mi Yard’ had me bussin a lil wine in the shadowed corners of Birthdays basement lol

There was a couple standing in front of me who were dancing together all night, holding each other, feeling the music and dancing and moving their heads in front of my camera (lol I could’ve moved…) I did move, eventually, over to meet Joe Grind and his manager Menha who were quite cool asking me about my blog!? #dididie?

IMG_9828 3

Linda E gave a talk about how important mental health is and that we need to continue talking about it and being open because there are still people out there that feel like they can’t. Which is a real concern for the public, as much as we try to raise awareness and get people to talk it seems as though people are still so embarrassed and ashamed.

DJ Longers started the music up again while Linda E thanked everyone and gave special thanks to Sophie for putting on such an important event. All of the artists continued to thank Soph, her guests were really happy, and everyone was beaming with love for her, it was beautiful to see, and it really was a lovely night, Well Done girl!





P.s we went back to mine and shared basically a whole loaf of bread. Not just as a loaf of bread but as 3 different meals – toast with butter, toasted cheese sandwich, and toast and butter again. I think we are definitely winning at life.















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