Affirmations to Make this the Best Week Ever.

"Ugh, I messed up again." "Why am I such a failure. Nothing I do works out well." "My life is just one bad thing after another. How did I end up here AGAIN?" These are just some of the common thoughts we have when we are not feeling great and aren't aware of how powerful a tool the mind is. Why is it that we are all comfortable saying things like this to ourselves? But when it comes to positive self talk we have to try really hard, seek to justify positivity and really force a shift in our mood?

Top tips to improve your mental wellbeing

We all need good mental health and wellbeing – it's essential to living happy and healthy lives. Here are 6 areas of life where simple changes can make a big difference. Why not start today? 1. Reframe unhelpful thoughts The way we think, feel and behave are linked. Sometimes we develop patterns of thoughts or … Continue reading Top tips to improve your mental wellbeing

Galdem Sugar EP5 – We Need To Talk

4022 views Galdem Sugar EP5 - We Need To Talk This episode focuses on mental health – a topic that resonates with many in the music industry. The strain of creating engaging art, making money, constantly being judged, always maintaining an enticing image and trying to build a career. There’s a lot of late nights, … Continue reading Galdem Sugar EP5 – We Need To Talk

Music in Mind

Sunday 23rd September 2018 Birthdays, Dalston.   MUSIC IN MIND  BIRTHDAYS, Dalston Sunday 23rd September 2018 Host: Linda E! Providing the sounds were Jann Wynter and DJ Longers.  LIVE performances on the night: MERON AFRONAUT ZU DOTTY LDN JOE GRIND TRILLARY BANKS   Music in Mind is a charity event put on to showcase music and … Continue reading Music in Mind