Health & Wellness #JingleLadies

Health & Wellness #JingleLadies 2609 views If you’ve ever put your own needs on the back burner because you have so many other demands on your time — job, kids, parents or even the dog! — you’re not alone. Women juggle a lot and often place themselves at the bottom of the to-do list. But … Continue reading Health & Wellness #JingleLadies

Invest In You #JingleLadies

Invest In You #JingleLadies 2941 views Investing in yourself, I’ve come to learn, is PARAMOUNT to living an abundantly fulfilled life. Although I’ve always intuitively known this, (The Secret is my bible) I haven’t always lived this way in practice. Growing up my mother was the sole provider for our household, I watched and learned … Continue reading Invest In You #JingleLadies

The Big Christmas Press Show 2022

The Big Christmas Press Show 2022

The Big Christmas Press Show 2022 1209 views The Big Christmas Press Show returned this September, and this years event was bigger than ever. This was the second time I have attended with the toy industry taking main stage at the show, with companies including Moose, JoJo Maman Bébé, Sambro Toys, Schleich and Epoch all … Continue reading The Big Christmas Press Show 2022