Festival Season: Which Festivals Are Going Ahead?

Music fans still hopeful for live events

The last summer festivals took place way back in 2019 pre pandemic, and feel like a very distant memory. For festival goers & pleasure seekers everywhere the question is which festivals have been given the go ahead, and when are they happening?

Chip Drops Birthday Joint ‘Sparko’

Chip Drops Birthday Joint 'Sparko'

3144 views Chip Drops Birthday Joint 'Sparko' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvU-LceBrFY Chip Drops Birthday Joint 'Sparko'   Celebrating his 28th birthday, Chip has marked this one with brand-new visuals for his latest single titled “Sparko”. If there’s two things we know about Chip, it’s that he loves both rapping and smoking and on his new birthday single, we … Continue reading Chip Drops Birthday Joint ‘Sparko’

The Grime Violinist – Instrumentals EP

EP: GRIME VIOLINIST INSTRUMENTALS LAUNCHED: 21 SEPT 2018 UK’s The Grime Violinist releases the FIRST EVER EP of violin-led grime instrumentals! Tanya Cracknell is The Grime Violinist. Tanya can be found joining grime cyphers, radio sets, raves and recording sessions, collaborating with the biggest names in the industry. She is the only violinist in the … Continue reading The Grime Violinist – Instrumentals EP

My Morley’s experience…

  Me and my girl Lauren are eachothers Valentines second year in a row, not complaining we have bare jokes and do things like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkGANxyPl_M&t=5s               TASTY Magnum burger meal - its a no.14 for future reference. Also my 2 February playlists are available for public streaming now! … Continue reading My Morley’s experience…

Music Producer Based Research… Maniac.

  Maniac In music, Maniac is a highly rated producer who has worked with artists such as Wiley, Tinchy Stryder and Chipmunk. He has been praised for his original, distinctive sound and the variety of sounds he explores in his music. Maniac is considered to be among the most talented producers to have produced Grime … Continue reading Music Producer Based Research… Maniac.