Reiss Boogie – Raindrops 🎶

Reiss Boogie - Raindrops

2810 views Taken from Reiss Boogie's forth coming EP entitled 'Umbrella Weather' this is 'Raindrops' Uk Rapper, Actor, Model & CEO of everything #RB3 Reiss Boogie recently joined me on IGTV Live for a chat about her new single 'Raindrops', next moves and what 'Umbrella Weather' means. You can watch part of our conversation … Continue reading Reiss Boogie – Raindrops 🎶

Quotes To Lift You Up When You’re Having A Tough Day

Quotes To Lift You Up When You’re Having A Tough Day

1809 views I do not think there are enough words to describe how underestimated women are in this world. If you ever get a chance to see how lions interact with each other, you should take the opportunity.  If you pay close attention, you will notice that the female lioness does everything. She hunts, she … Continue reading Quotes To Lift You Up When You’re Having A Tough Day

5 Books that should become your bibles

5 Books that should become your bibles

2505 views I spend most of my free time reading. There is nothing better than a good book on the law of attraction that is able to easily translate how to put it into practice. A book that gets you excited for life. Books are a safe haven that help us escape the harsh edges … Continue reading 5 Books that should become your bibles

Meghan and Harry announce birth of baby daughter Lilibet

Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Harry and Meghan’s daughter, who was born in hospital in California on Friday, weighed 7lb 11oz (3.4kg) and has been named after the family nickname for the Queen, the baby’s great-grandmother. Her middle name was chosen to honour her late grandmother Diana, Princess of Wales, the couple said. The baby is the Queen’s 11th great-grandchild and is eighth in line to the throne.

Affirmations to Make this the Best Week Ever.

"Ugh, I messed up again." "Why am I such a failure. Nothing I do works out well." "My life is just one bad thing after another. How did I end up here AGAIN?" These are just some of the common thoughts we have when we are not feeling great and aren't aware of how powerful a tool the mind is. Why is it that we are all comfortable saying things like this to ourselves? But when it comes to positive self talk we have to try really hard, seek to justify positivity and really force a shift in our mood?

The Grime Violinist – Instrumentals EP

EP: GRIME VIOLINIST INSTRUMENTALS LAUNCHED: 21 SEPT 2018 UK’s The Grime Violinist releases the FIRST EVER EP of violin-led grime instrumentals! Tanya Cracknell is The Grime Violinist. Tanya can be found joining grime cyphers, radio sets, raves and recording sessions, collaborating with the biggest names in the industry. She is the only violinist in the … Continue reading The Grime Violinist – Instrumentals EP

FAVOURITE Story-telling Music Videos

During the recent build up of the release of Shiro's Story Part 3 there were a lot of important things I noticed on Social Media and offline! At Wireless 2018, I managed to grab some time with Joivan Wade, and man like Chunkz! They were both very humble and were quite free in their speech … Continue reading FAVOURITE Story-telling Music Videos