How to opt out of NHS Digital data sharing

How to opt out of NHS Digital data sharing

NHS DIGITAL is looking to centralise digital records from across England into a single database, which will be shared with researchers and commercial partners. You have until June 23, 2021 to opt-out of your NHS data being shared with researchers and companies outside of the national health service. Privacy campaigners have raised serious concerns about plans from NHS Digital, which will see the medical histories of more than 55 million patients in England imported into a new database, including mental and sexual health data, criminal records, and more sensitive information. The database will go online September 1, 2021 in England. 

“As I was doing it, I noticed I wasn’t really getting any vocal feedback.”

"As I was doing it, I noticed I wasn’t really getting any vocal feedback."

It’s no secret that sex isn’t always glamorous and passionate. It can be messy and awkward, and a lot of times just downright funny. With a WHOLE lockdown ruining our sexual escapades, sex has been the number on topic of conversation I've been having with friends. The usual Tinder and Bumble debate became as dry as my vagina so the only question left to ask each other was “what’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you during sex?”

Lockdown: Easing in England delayed to 19 July

Lockdown: Easing in England delayed to 19 July

The Question we have all been waiting to be answered, has been answered. Not the answer I was hoping for at all, but, definitely the most expected. I guess another 4 weeks of an easier - ish lockdown isn't too bad, and the result of a 4 week delay until freedom day should only produce good results? I'm not particularly a fan of BoJo or his hair or the statistics he provides, but as it stands, he makes the choices and we try and live and look after ourselves as best we can.

What You Should Know About Cypriot Culture Norms & Traditions

The main priority in the life of Cypriots is the family. Parents take care of their children until they get on their feet, then when parents grow old, children take care of them, and old people switch their attention to their grandchildren. Warm relationships are maintained between all family members, including distant relatives. For Cypriots, the family is a warm circle of close people who are always ready to give advice and help

Key Fashion Statements For Your Summer 2021 Wardrobe

While we can all agree it's been a quiet year for the fashion world, with the lockdown staple being loungewear, this summer is set to become the street's catwalk unveiling seriously bold and stylish designs. This year, some of the most influential decades of fashion and style have played a huge role in this season’s looks.

Meghan and Harry announce birth of baby daughter Lilibet

Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Harry and Meghan’s daughter, who was born in hospital in California on Friday, weighed 7lb 11oz (3.4kg) and has been named after the family nickname for the Queen, the baby’s great-grandmother. Her middle name was chosen to honour her late grandmother Diana, Princess of Wales, the couple said. The baby is the Queen’s 11th great-grandchild and is eighth in line to the throne.

Affirmations to Make this the Best Week Ever.

"Ugh, I messed up again." "Why am I such a failure. Nothing I do works out well." "My life is just one bad thing after another. How did I end up here AGAIN?" These are just some of the common thoughts we have when we are not feeling great and aren't aware of how powerful a tool the mind is. Why is it that we are all comfortable saying things like this to ourselves? But when it comes to positive self talk we have to try really hard, seek to justify positivity and really force a shift in our mood?