Shakespeare Cafe & Bistro

Shakespeare Cafe & Bistro

2905 views Good Service and a Delicious Brunch! I came here with my girl Kimmy on her recommendation. The venue is really pretty and decorated with colourful bouquets of flowers and classy glassy lights surrounding marble tables and plush green and gold seating. I tried the Pineapple surprise smoothie and Kimmy had the Strawberry delight, … Continue reading Shakespeare Cafe & Bistro

What You Should Know About Cypriot Culture Norms & Traditions

The main priority in the life of Cypriots is the family. Parents take care of their children until they get on their feet, then when parents grow old, children take care of them, and old people switch their attention to their grandchildren. Warm relationships are maintained between all family members, including distant relatives. For Cypriots, the family is a warm circle of close people who are always ready to give advice and help