‘Ring of Fire’ appears in UK skies this afternoon as Annular Solar Eclipse takes place

1008 views The world is treated to a spectacular natural sight as the Annular Solar Eclipse takes place across the globe today. The Moon will move in front of the Sun and block out most of its light, leaving only a blazing circle around it. It was visible in some form across the east coast … Continue reading ‘Ring of Fire’ appears in UK skies this afternoon as Annular Solar Eclipse takes place

What You Should Know About Cypriot Culture Norms & Traditions

The main priority in the life of Cypriots is the family. Parents take care of their children until they get on their feet, then when parents grow old, children take care of them, and old people switch their attention to their grandchildren. Warm relationships are maintained between all family members, including distant relatives. For Cypriots, the family is a warm circle of close people who are always ready to give advice and help

Affirmations to Make this the Best Week Ever.

"Ugh, I messed up again." "Why am I such a failure. Nothing I do works out well." "My life is just one bad thing after another. How did I end up here AGAIN?" These are just some of the common thoughts we have when we are not feeling great and aren't aware of how powerful a tool the mind is. Why is it that we are all comfortable saying things like this to ourselves? But when it comes to positive self talk we have to try really hard, seek to justify positivity and really force a shift in our mood?

We are DEFINITELY in Mercury Retrograde

We are DEFINITELY in Mercury Retrograde

It is strongly advised to approach anything to do with communication, travel, technology and machinery with caution. Moreover, the Mercury retrogrades that occur this year are unlike any other as all three cosmic events are in air signs.  "There’s been a massive focus on the air element recently, which basically boils down to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Air is highly cerebral; it’s an over-thinker." Because of this, Aquarian's, Gemini's & Libra's are encouraged to “stay in your heart centre”.