Ibiza Outfits for Size 16: Embrace Your Confidence!

Ibiza Outfits for Size 16: Embrace Your Confidence!


When it comes to holidaying in Ibiza, the vibrant and energetic atmosphere calls for equally stylish and comfortable outfits. If you wear a size 16, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are plenty of options available to help you look and feel your best on this fabulous island. In this blog post, I will show you how I embraced my size and confidence with some easy pieces already in the summer wardrobe and explore some fantastic Ibiza outfit ideas specifically curated for those who wear size 16.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some Ibiza outfits for size 16 and embrace your confidence!


First things first, me putting on a swimsuit or bikini was the scariest thought in my mind leading up to my trip to Ibiza but I had to remember that confidence comes from within and radiates outward. It’s about embracing your body with love, acceptance, and appreciation. Nobody is perfect, and we all have aspects of ourselves that we may feel self-conscious about. However, it’s important to focus on the aspects you love and to highlight your unique beauty. I had to try some styles and send lots of stuff back to find fits and styles I felt comfortable with, and to be honest the more I did that, the more confident I was.

Find styles that accentuate the parts you love about yourself, compliment your personality and make you feel good. I found swimsuits with a good support system in place for the boobs and good quality material with stretch worked well for me. I also found that when buying bikinis it is best to go with bottoms that have a tie up side so you can adjust to your size and preference. Bikini bottoms without this give huge red flags because why did I order a size 16 and your cutting into my backside pls??

High-Waisted Shorts

Casual or dressed up, high-waisted shorts can be flattering and comfortable, giving you a defined waistline and allowing you to move freely. I have a pair of vintage Levi shorts that have worked for me through size 12/14 and 16. I don’t know how but they are ridiculously versatile. This year I also bought a pair of denim shorts from Primark, the real appeal for me here was that they had a bit of length in the inner thigh/crotch area which helped with easing chafing (the thick thigh girlies know…)

These were perfect paired with a current on trend mesh top for the day event I attended – Ants @ Ushuaia

Ibiza Outfits for Size 16: Embrace Your Confidence!

Beach Cover-Ups

Beach cover-ups are must-haves for your Ibiza wardrobe. These lightweight pieces not only provide coverage but also add a touch of glamour to your beach or poolside look. Top or bottom cover ups, aim for sheer fabrics, or with fringe details. They can be worn over your swimsuit during the day and can easily give your swimsuit fit some character.

We had an amazing pool party at the villa celebrating besties 30th, these light beach trousers transformed the swimsuit into a comfortable pool outfit. Swimsuit is from SHEIN and trousers are from Primark.

Bodysuits and Trousers

Such a beautiful combination indeed, this pairing offers a look that can be appropriate for various occasions, ranging from professional settings to more informal events. You literally cannot go wrong and can mix and match all through summer, autumn, winter and spring across any island. For me this is without doubt one of the most versatile combo’s ever and is perfect if you’re a size 16 girly that prefers trousers.

The sequin bodysuit I wore to Glitterbox @ HI was a total bargain, ยฃ10 from Vinted, always worth having a look on there, the trousers are lightweight satin and part of a co-ord I bought last year.

Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are my thing, Ibiza, UK, Hogwarts… anywhere! They provide a loose and relaxed fit, allowing for greater freedom of movement and breathability. The extra fabric helps prevent the shirt from clinging to the body, which I find is quite comfortable in warm weather. They can be worn in a casual or dressed-up manner, depending on the occasion.

Oversized shirts have become a fashion trend in recent years, embraced by people of various body sizes. They offer a laid-back, effortless, and sometimes edgy aesthetic. I do love an oversized shirt, and you should too!

My sheer oversized shirt is from the holiday section at Primark. The Leopard print swimsuit which i decided to wear as a bodysuit for our evening listening to Black Coffee DJ at HI is another great find from SHEIN.

Ibiza Outfits for Size 16: Embrace Your Confidence!

Linen Trousers

When it comes to holiday fashion, finding the ideal balance between comfort and style is key. And in the realm of warm-weather attire, comfortability and girls with thick thighs – linen trousers emerge as the ultimate wardrobe staple.

With their lightweight and breathable nature, linen trousers offer an effortlessly chic and relaxed look that’s perfect for any vacation destination.

I chose to wear these linen trousers with this tie up blouse for a lovely meal I had with friends at Destino, Ibiza. Accentuates in all the right places, comfortable and breathable. I say it with 34D chest that this fit is an absolute winner for the size 16 girlies.

Linen Trousers and Top are from H&M.

Everyone always talks about the major fashion capitals of the world and I realised Ibiza is really underrated for this, I saw so much personality and uniqueness in everyones Ibiza outfits, there’s a real freedom of expression in the atmosphere in Ibiza so don’t let your size hold you back from expressing your style and embracing your confidence!

These outfit ideas are just a starting point to help you curate a fashionable and comfortable vacation wardrobe. Remember, the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel amazing, allowing you to fully enjoy the magical atmosphere of Ibiza. So, go ahead and rock those outfits with pride!

(Note: The outfits mentioned in this blog post are suggestions and may vary depending on personal style preferences and current fashion trends.)

Before my trip to Ibiza I couldn’t find any blog posts like this for us size 16 girlies and specifically Ibiza outfits so I saw a gap and decided to start closing it, I hope this helps some of you, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Do you have any outfit ideas you could share?

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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