Ashley Tragic – Wise Monkeys Podcast

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Ashley Tragic – Wise Monkeys Podcast


Wise Monkeys Media bring you a podcast featuring the hottest up and coming artists, the latest news around popular culture and analysis surrounding the UK. Gain insights and listen to interesting takes from podcast regulars and guests.

In this episode we spoke to Ashley Tragic, an artist who has been on the rise since taking part in Pen Game Rap Battle and Little Mix The Search.

Alongside chatting about the classic battle between himself and F.T, his journey with the Y Change band, clashing and performances we spoke about the release of his new track ‘PRIME’ and getting his thoughts on the music industry, we also played our brand new game “FINISH YOUR BARS” – Watch the video above or listen to the the podcast on Spotify to find out how it went.

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Huge thank you goes to Ashley Tragic for joining us and taking the time to share some of his thoughts.

Did you know?

Wise Monkeys Media hosts a mic night every month to showcase some of the hottest underground artists!

If you would like to perform please send a dm on instagram HERE.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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