Eastwell Manor, Champneys Hotel & Spa

Eastwell Manor, Champneys Hotel & Spa


Champneys, Eastwell Manor is located near Ashford in Kent, UK. It is a beautiful Manor Estate surrounded by acres of fields, land, private gardens, paths and trails.

I came here with family to celebrate my sisters birthday, we really needed to take some time to to chill out, relax and spend quality time together and Eastwell Manor was the perfect place to do that.

We stayed overnight in the cutest little cottages which were surprisingly spacious, warm and cosy. Beds were decent, but the shower in our room had two options, waterfall or normal, the waterfall had hardly any pressure but the normal attachment was fine.

Eastwell Manor was a beautiful sight, the building had so much charm and history. I really enjoyed looking at all the details in the architecture.

Whilst staying there we were able to use the Champneys Spa facilities at designated times which included complimentary flip flops, gown and use of the pool, sauna/steam room and jacuzzi. The jacuzzi was fairly small and comes on in intervals, this wasn’t a major issue and we were able to make full use. I just imagine during busier periods this might be a bit annoying.

Afternoon Tea was lovely, set in one of the beautiful manor tea rooms, we enjoyed sandwiches, cakes and of course tea of our choice. The Green Sencha tea gets two thumbs up from me!

The grounds are absolutely stunning, breathtaking even. Well worth taking a walk around and touring the grounds!

The staff were all very friendly and attentive in the restaurant, dinner was decent, they serve steak that satisfied my taste buds but also cater for veggies. After dinner we went to their bar area which had a nice calm vibe, great selection of cocktails and mocktails and games to entertain.

Drinks and dominos was a great shout for an evening activity.

The playlist that runs through Eastwell Manor creates the perfect ambience, I found myself shazamming a lot of the tracks being played because they really did set the tone for our stay and on a personal note, music is really important to me wherever I go.

The fireplaces and the sounds of it crackling was also a lovely touch.

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Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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