A Chat With Bethh Alice – Model & Playboy Creator

A Chat With Bethh Alice - Model & Playboy Creator

A Chat With Bethh Alice – Model & Playboy Creator


I first met Bethh in Antalya, Turkey last year, we were both staying in Hotel SU preparing for our smile makeovers with Attelia Dental Centre. I immediately felt good vibes from bethh, she was interesting, a great listener and really friendly. We stayed in contact since returning from Turkey and recently met up as she was in London for a work collaboration with @labeautydollls

We had a nice chat, there was a lot to catch up on whilst we enjoyed a coffee at Drake & Morgan, Kings Cross. I got to know Bethh a bit better and thought you should too:

Sam: You won Miss Photogenic at Miss Swimsuit UK 2023, How did that feel and how was the overall experience?

Bethh: Oh my goodness I was absolutely blown away to have won and come away with a title.  The whole experience from start to finish was amazing. We had a WhatsApp group months before, so finally meeting the swimsuit sisters was incredible. We all hyped each other up and it definitely was an empowering experience. Met girls there who will be friends for life.

Sam :Who or what inspired you to take this career path?

Bethh: As a child I always wanted to do modelling but never had the confidence to go for it. I think turning the big 30 this year it’s made me realise I’m not getting any younger and it’s finally time to go for my dreams. I’ve always been inspired by influencers so being in a position to do this myself is an absolute dream.

Sam: Whats your favourite career highlight so far?

Bethh: Definitely signing with Sintillate Talent. I honestly believe I have grown as a person with this agency and my confidence has bloomed. I’ve also been able to work with some incredible brands that I would have never imagined possible this time last year. 

Sam: Can you tell me about any challenges you have faced?

Bethh: Dealing with the haters and trolls. Especially towards the beginning of my career, I would take some of the negative comments personal and it would affect my mental health. With time I have gained a thicker skin, and become so much more self assured to where I can laugh off the hate which shows my growth as a person.

Sam: It’s women’s history month, is there a woman throughout history that has inspired you, if so, who and how?

Bethh: Marilyn Monroe.  She inspired self love and empowered women.  She also didn’t let her upbringing stop her from achieving her dreams, which I can relate too. 

Sam: A piece of advice you would like to share with women?

Bethh: Once you learn to love yourself you are unstoppable. Go and live your best lives and do what makes you happy.

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A Chat With Beth Alice - Model & Playboy Creator Sammi Swinton

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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