YOU Season Four Review: CHAOTIC!

YOU Season Four Review: CHAOTIC!

YOU Season Four Review: CHAOTIC!


Joe Goldberg could quite possibly be my most favourite villain ever.

Right, not being funny but, we were all thinking it: You season 4 part 1 was slightly underwhelming and was not packing as much of a punch as its previous seasons.

Joe Goldberg going on a “European adventure” OK… His love of literature was consistent and I am totally here for it, and I admire how they have managed to keep it a respected theme and enhanced the whole “Brits love books” thing. It was endearing, BUT… Joe turning over a new leaf and actually refraining from murdering? Doesn’t sound quite like You to me.

After part 1 was released and happily binged on my end, I couldn’t help but feel conflicted, I was mildly impressed with the British setting, I absolutely adored Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, at the same time though, I was underwhelmed with the storyline becoming a British murder mystery and all the talk of a ‘whodunnit’.

But somehow, You done it again. You reeled me in and You left me wanting more.

Season 4 part 2 was released just days ago and again, I happily binged the episodes. As I had hoped, the final five episodes of You season 4 provided one of the wildest plot twists I’ve seen in recent years and I totally loved it. I couldn’t fathom how they would create a twist with such tension and suspense due to how gripping previous seasons had been, but they did it.


  • Rhys Montrose (Ed Speeler) – Aside from being one of the more likeable characters, mainly the fact he was not an obnoxious socially constructed prat at the start of part one, Rhys Montrose was very giving, he is MAJOR eye candy!
  • The London Aristocratic society – Sundry House, the £25,000 members’ club – a chaotic mess of cocktails, cocaine and insults that made me laugh. Super cringe but not a far fetched portrayal of one of Britain’s elitist groups.
  • The subplot involving Nadia and Marienne. Nadia is quirky, opinionated but slyly naive, she eventually discovers Marienne, trapped in the infamous cage. The mergence of these two strong women characters has left room for some exciting developments in Season 5.
  • The whole Jekyll/Hyde thing that was going on, how Joe subtly changed his physical appearance and tone being Professor Jonathan Moore whilst also being Rhys.
  • As much as this season is fuelled by money, revenge and long-standing socialite rivalries, it’s also a season where, surprisingly, the main women in it are given enough airtime to be enjoyed, rather than killed off too soon.
  • I enjoyed the revelation of Rhys being a figment of Joe’s imagination, I fully believed Rhys could’ve captured Marienne, built a cage that matches Joe’s standards and then questioned if Rhys had a twin that had come out of the shadows in the countryside. I believed Rhys was real right up until the penny dropped, right until Rhys revealed he is a part of Joe and in fact a hallucination. LOL!

Season 4 ended on a wild whim and I have questions:

Now Joe is publicly not dead, will the Quinn’s find him?

Will Sherry and Carey get revenge?

Will he get Henry back?

Is Love actually dead?

Could Kate be working with the Quinns?

Do Blessings pyramid schemes actually work?

Why didn’t Joe kill Roald when he had the opportunity?

How does Joe afford and construct all these materials for these indestructible cages?

And the most important question:

What did Joe say to Lady Phoebe???

Let me know your thoughts on Season 4 and your highlights in the comment section below.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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