I’m celebrating women all March long, join me?

I'm celebrating women all March long, join me? sammi swinton

I’m celebrating women all March long, join me?


You know what’s great about March?

March is Women’s History Month and we also have International Women’s Day…


Women is what’s great about March πŸ™‚

To celebrate women all March long I’ll be interviewing women, providing you with a weekly blog interview and distributing some historical knowledge on incredible women that came before us and the impact they have on women in big 2023.

I’ll be highlighting some amazing women across my Instagram stories, join me for your daily dose of goodness, inspiration and motivation starting this week!

You’ll get to see some of the most amazing women I have come across in my life through music, fashion, photography, family, friends, TikTok’s, blogs, influencers and so on.

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Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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