Navigating Single: The Single Ladies Guide

Navigating Single: The Single Ladies Guide


If you’re reading this and you’re a single gal navigating single life, welcome, this is 100 PERCENT for you!

Some of you joined me on the #JingleLadies journey throughout the festive period and watched me cry, laugh, live, date and revel in my single sauce. It was a 6 week project where I released a guide weekly to help single ladies navigate single life throughout the festive period – this period has been proven by mental health research and my own findings via polls and conversations to be a trigger for mental health episodes and isolation for a lot of ladies.

I did this to show a different side to what mainstream media puts out in regards to being single, as much as it is fun dating and being single and not having to answer to anyone romantically, there are pitfalls in the pool that we all sometimes sink in, I highlighted the not so fun or happy parts including experiencing loneliness.

I gathered the info, looked at the murky waters of the current dating pool and investigated the depths of loneliness (unwillingly, but I went there, felt it and cried it out) so I had to put all these experiences and information to good use. What’s the point of experience if you cant share it to help others?

The guides serve a very important purpose, to let you know you’re not alone, to empower you and to let you know bad days are ok! One day those bad days will be your testament.

Below is the list of the weekly guides for ease of access, take what you need and I’m only a DM on Instagram away if you want to chat.


Investing in yourself, I’ve come to learn, is PARAMOUNT to living an abundantly fulfilled life.


If you’ve ever put your own needs on the back burner because you have so many other demands on your time — job, kids, parents or even the dog! — you’re not alone. Women juggle a lot and often place themselves at the bottom of the to-do list. But to get the most out of life (and to help others), you have to care for yourself!


Effective networking takes time, energy, and lots of practice. Relationship networking is about building connections and finding mutual benefits for both parties. Share information, and don’t be afraid to help others grow their knowledge and experience. In many ways, relationship networking and partnerships overlap, leading to beneficial opportunities. 


Loneliness affects many people and carries heavy consequences aside from being emotionally painful.

Near enough everyone experiences loneliness from time to time. The feeling can be especially noticeable around the holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and times of extreme stress.

If you’re experiencing loneliness, check out the guide for seven things you can do about it.


Is life throwing you constant reminders that you’re single?

Or have you been through a breakup and decided that enough is enough, have you had an epiphany thats driven you towards self love?

Being single can seem like a disadvantage for a while, especially if you’re craving a romantic relationship and that’s absolutely fine… no judgement here.

In this guide, I shared a few fun activity ideas that you will actually want to do.


This guide was originally tailored to the question being asked by family at Christmas dinner, but honestly, you can use these tips on anyone that prys and asks why you are single, at any time.

My preferred combo for the answer is honesty with a big sprinkle of sarcasm. I’m sure you’ll find a way to answer that suits you.

I ended the 6 week journey by actually going on a blind date! Although the guy I had dinner with was lovely and we had a decent conversation over food and drinks at the Ivy restaurant in Kensington, unfortunately he was not for me.

You can read all about my blind date experience here.

cheers to you hun x

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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