New Year, New You?

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New Year, New You?


I bet you’ve got lots of emails with the subject line “New Year, New You?” with information directing you to go to the gym, eat healthy and work on yourself right? Whilst all those things are important, these emails seem to come with an energy that enforces despair and desperation to make change, all at once, which can easily lead to burnout, agitations and impulsive buys – do you really need a gym membership, weights at home and a separate step counter all at once?

This energy can potentially lead to great results and discipline but I’ve found more often than not its a setup for failure. It seems silly to give yourself a time limit to change. It piles on pressure to start right away and make drastic decisions to go for things that are just unrealistic to obtain.

So, thats what were not doing in big 2023 – The whole new year, new me thing…

I’ve realised it has such a negative connotation, like, was I not a beautiful person in 2022, why do I need to create a whole new me?

Bettering yourself should have no time limit, and we can change things about ourselves, if we want to, at any point.

Take your time, take time off of social media and feeding into the narratives it wants to push. Sit in solitude for a moment, be quiet, have some me time and then make a plan to enforce your goals.

Everything you want for yourselves, or any answers you might be looking for is already within you. You actually do not need social media to dictate what your goals should be.

I come from a place of free thinking and eradicating the narratives fed to us through our subconscious.

Here’s 3 tips to have a great start to 2023:

Catch The Thoughts

If a negative thought enters your mind it’s coming from your subconscious, it’s coming from the mainstream programming we’ve been exposed to our whole lives and you can break free from this. All you have to do is catch those thoughts and change them to something a bit more positive. It’s not an easy task when first starting to recognise these thoughts and thinking about what you actually need to say to yourself to combat it. You don’t need extreme positivity, short and sweet is a great way to start because you’ll realise that negative thoughts float around constantly throughout the day.

Negative > Positive

I can’t do this > I can do this/ Where there’s a will there’s a way/ I always figure it out, it can be done.


When we talk about mindfulness, the first thing most of us think is a meditation class and some hippy vibes, am I right?

Although classes and audio recordings and hippy vibes are great, I am not downplaying them at all and they have been extremely helpful to me, I realised for mindfulness to really work for me it had to start with my daily habits. Being mindful of what we consume on a daily basis is the most important aspect in my opinion.

So, think about what you are consuming in terms of:

Social Media


Food and Drink


The main one I am focusing on in 2023 is food and drink. Takeaways and fast food have been something I have found hard to steer away from but I am committed to not feeling like shit!

Do you remember the ‘you are what you eat‘ campaign?

Think about it for a sec – fast food, cooked fast by people that don’t really want those jobs, the energy that goes into the food is low vibrational and lacks love. That energy in that food is consumed by us, no wonder we feel rubbish after eating it. We are exactly what we eat if you think about it this way.

Make A Promise

Make a promise to yourself to do whatever it is you want to do. It doesn’t matter what it is, how big or small, absurd, crazy or silly… Do what you want to do in this life.

Know in yourself that opportunity will arise, you have no time limit and the perfect moment to fulfil your promise will land at some point in 2023.

Knowing that you’re not forcing yourself to make drastic changes will give you the confidence to persevere even when you have an off day, or if you fall into an old routine, you can pick yourself back up and continue – rather than giving up and deciding to start again next new year.

You can set or change your goals at any time, and it’s all about becoming who you aspire to be – and no timescale can be put on that.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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One thought on “New Year, New You?

  1. I agree that the whole ‘new year, new you’ can be a rather negative mindset to have. Change is inevitable (and needed to grow) but we don’t need to constantly reinvent ourselves. I tend to focus on what will nourish my life and go from there. Thanks for sharing this needed perspective!

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