My Full Smile Makeover With Attelia Dental

My Full Smile Makeover With Attelia Dental


In just one week I had the most amazing smile transformation.

I had just 3 appointments at the clinic.

At my first visit to the Attelia Dental clinic I was greeted by lovely staff and didn’t have to wait long at all before I was taken to meet my patient co-ordinator Ezgi who took me for my X-rays and then to meet my cosmetic dentist Dr. Omer.

After examining the X-rays and my teeth and gums Dr. Omer decided the work could start straight away. I was very surprised and a little anxious but ultimately I was glad we could get started right away as I had no time to chicken out haha!

So, during my first appointment, my teeth were shaved down (top and bottom), my gums were contoured by laser and I then had four root canals. Throughout all of these procedures I did not feel any pain, the numbing injections were the only part where I had experienced any pain and that only lasted a few seconds. I did feel some weird sensations as my whole mouth was very numb and my lips had swollen. Because of this I was dribbling quite a bit but Ezgi was on hand to help, she gave me a face mask with some tissue padded on the inside so I could maintain some decency and decorum and not dribble all down my clothes.

I had a few breaks in between the works where I could sit and rest in the communal area. During those times I spoke (more like mumbled) to many different people that were also here for treatment and it really was a great social space. Attelia Dental also has a nice cafe area where I was frequently found by Ezgi enjoying an iced Vanilla Latte… shock.

After waiting for a little while I was called in to take some impressions so the technician could create my temporary teeth and Dr. Omer could fit them. These impressions were also used to create my permanent zirconium crowns that were fitted later on in the week.

I was able to have a rest/exploring day before I had to go back to Attelia Dental for my second appointment. This worked out really well, I got to check out the hotel properly, sit by the pool for a bit then went out to explore Antalya’s shopping mall and markets. When I came back the sun was still very warm and very much shining so I sat on my private balcony and took advantage of the sun bed and the last of the days sunshine rays.

At my second appointment, I wasn’t there very long, I think the appointment lasted about 45 minutes as Dr. Omer fitted the permanent zirconium crowns on my teeth to check if there were any adjustments that needed to be made. I was super pleased with how they looked in my mouth and there were only a few adjustments that needed to be made so he fitted my temporaries back in and advised that my permanent teeth would be ready to be permanently fixed at my next appointment.

I had another day to myself where I stayed around the hotel and later on went to eat with some friends I had made at the hotel who were also having treatment at the Attelia Dental clinic. There was a really cute strip of restaurants located behind the hotel that Emma had shown me, it was very long and I don’t think we ever actually made it to the end of the strip but it was really beautiful and ran along the coast.

My third appointment was just as quick as the second. I was picked up in the big truck once again, extremely excited because I knew that in less than an hour my smile makeover would be complete and I would have the permanent beautiful smile I always wanted.

Looking at myself in the mirror after the treatment had been completed gave me a feeling I had never felt before, total happiness with my smile, an overwhelming sense of achievement that I had done something I had wanted to do for myself for a long time, an immense surge of confidence and the birth of a new Sammi.

For the rest of my trip I continued to use the mouthwash and painkillers that were prescribed to me and I went back to the Attelia Dental clinic for one last visit to take professional photo’s and film for TikTok. I had a lot of fun with Ezgi and the camera guy and they took some beautiful shots of me and my new smile.

You can watch my whole smile makeover journey below.

The full breakdown of the treatment I had: 24 Zirconium crowns, four root canals, laser gum contouring and I chose the natural style in shade AT3. The package deal I was offered was a great price and included all transfers and my lovely stay at Hotel SU.

Sidenote: I had a lot of gaps in my teeth and they closed them and gave me a beautiful new smile. My patient co-ordinator Ezgi was on hand for me every step of the way, keeping me informed and very supportive. Dr Omer was very professional and made sure it was as pain free as possible and his work is excellent. Dental assistant Zeyenep kept my mouth clean and as comfortable as possible while all the work was taking place.

I am truly impressed with the result of my new smile! The centre itself is beautiful and I have no faults with the Attelia company at all, they arranged my hotel and all transfers, I have had a wonderful experience and stay here. Definitely recommend using Attelia Dental 100 percent for all dental needs.

Huge Thank You to everyone at Attelia Dental, Hotel SU and my George for co-ordinating the booking.

You have all made me very very happy 🙂

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

I’m having a full smile makeover!

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