Fun Activities If You’re Single #JingleLadies

Fun Activities If You’re Single #JingleLadies


Is life throwing you constant reminders that you’re single?

Or have you been through a breakup and decided that enough is enough, have you had an epiphany thats driven you towards self love?

Being single can seem like a disadvantage for a while, especially if you’re craving a romantic relationship and that’s absolutely fine… no judgement here.

It’s okay to want to be in a relationship, but you still have to move forward with life (We will not stay stuck ladies, we have to move sorry not sorry) – sitting around waiting for Mr. Right – is 100 percent NOT IT.

You’re only living this life once, and the best way to live life single is to love and invest in yourself.

Drake said it best – whats the motto ***** YOLO

As a single woman thats been through the cycle of emotions that come with being single including the BAD B and the pining for comfort and company phases, I feel that I am highly qualified to write this blog post!

(Can I get a masters in singleness?)

Being completely honest here, I am actually a hopeless romantic. I will never stop believing love exists or that there is someone out there for everyone. But on the other hand, I’ve been involved with and witnessed relationships that have fallen apart, I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m not sure I’ll ever be in a perfect relationship, make the ‘perfect’ mate or find someone at all.

But if I have more fun being independent and single AF knowing I deserve more than being a “sometimes” kind of woman, then so be it.

And hey, at least with being single comes all of the things we can get away with doing.

In this weeks guide, I just want to share a few fun activity ideas that you will actually want to do.

Splurging wages

No one is there to make us second guess whether we can basically spend our entire bank account on clothes or beauty products.

I mean, have you seen some of the Christmas gift sets yet?

Everything in moderation but sometimes treat yourself girl… Actually more time. You earned it.

I haven’t come across any legit data or research but I am pretty sure my body releases endorphins every time I buy a new pair of Airforces or Elf lipgloss.

Go have some fun.

Take a dance class

This is one of the best things to do while you’re single.

Dancing will bring you so much joy, and it’s such a fun way to exercise and get rid of that excess energy build up.

You can dance while watching youtube videos or take an actual dance class and have fun meeting new people!

I highly recommend you try and attend one of the Elevate With Eleni heels or hip hop classes. Her client testimonials speak for themselves


in true Sammi style – speaking from experience here –

Class is a VIBE!

The moves Eleni teaches are tailored to work for all levels and the ladies that attend the classes are so supportive, sassy and encouraging! True elevators.

Eleni just announced her heels intensive workshop which is taking place on a very special day actually – it lands on my birthday EEK! If you fancy attending with me hit me up.

Alternatively, please do indulge in some kitchen dancing with your tunes turned up loud.

invest in you jingle ladies single ladies rabbit vibrator

Spend a whole day using the “Rabbit”

One of the most important relationships I have is with my vibrator. Not what you were expecting to read?

Funny, but true!

My favourite vibe holds a very special place in my heart. It is more than a sex toy. It is a tool I use to cultivate a deep and pleasurable connection with my body. I prefer to take care of my own pleasure and it’s why I definitely don’t feel bad about pleasuring myself. Women all over the world should feel the same way too.

So yeah, have some fun, spend that day off work in bed with your fave vibe!

In need of a new buddy? Check out these top 3 picks on Amazon!

The Pro Penguin with over 10,000 reviews.

The Rabbit Vibrator with beads and 10 motion settings.

The G Spot Wand suitable for waterplay!

Go to a concert

If an artist you love is playing at a venue near you, buy yourself a ticket even if no one else wants to tag along. Attending a show on your own allows you the freedom to plan your night the way you want. Don’t want to see the opener? Arrive late. Did they already sing all your favourite songs? Go home early.

Should you sing along to the music at the top of your lungs? Absolutely, especially if you’re surrounded by strangers.

You can watch me absolutely annihilate these belters at the N Dubz concert I went to recently #BestLife

Attend the Christmas party

Have you turned down the invite to attend a Christmas party or to stay home this holiday just because you don’t have the perfect date? Whoever said you need a handsome man on your arm to enjoy an evening out? Why give up an invitation to an event that will bring some laughter to your holidays just to stay home, lonely and sulky?

Whether it’s the family one or work’s Christmas do, make sure you go, show up as your best self. Get the sparkles out girl and shine.

P.s reckless drunk behaviour gets you 100 Sammi points. Absolutely here for it.

Go people watch

Head to your fave coffee shop and sit yourself down with a nice view of outside. Grab a coffee and let your imagination run wild as you concoct backstories for the people walking past you. This might be bordering along the lines of delusion but hey it’s a great past time and is hella fun.

The Ivy Asia, St Pauls

Chill with mates

Ok so not every time we hang out with friends has to be a fucking motivational speech.

Chill out, drink wine, make a silly TikTok. Enjoy your friends for all they are, bring the best out in each other and try to remember the essence of which your friendship was built… Someone did something silly right? yeah bring that back. Have a cringe fest, and at this time of year why not reflect on some of your funniest moments?

Round the evening off with some affirmations, we all wanna go home feeling happy right? I have these amazing Affirmation cards from The Feel Good Bubble that I will be sharing with my pals on Thursday. Keep an eye on my stories for all the info on these… Now that I think about it, these would make a great Secret Santa gift as well.


Sometimes it may feel like you’re struggling in your personal life, work life, and family life, but in reality, there’s someone out there that is less fortunate than you. Taking the time to give back is both humbling and eye-opening, and you don’t need a buddy to do it. It’s a great way to show yourself that you have what it takes to make a difference. Plus, doing good makes you feel good.

Challenge accepted

Challenge yourself. just like truth or dare, dare yourself, scare yourself. OK, maybe not too much but give yourself a little challenge – go out and make a point of talking to 3 random people… ordering from the barman does not count! Take yourself out somewhere and talk to people. FUN TIP: Make up a whole new persona, have fun being someone else for the day? I know it sounds a bit bipolarish but I promise you’ll have fun.

Channel Christmas

No point avoiding it, it’s December it’s here!

Mariah Carey is in full swing and on rotation and it’s fine because once we’ve listened and loathed ‘all I want for Christmas’ we can use our musical powers and overcome her with Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank u next’

But honestly, ladies, do something christmassy whether that’s taking a walk down a cute road looking at everyones Christmas lights and trees in their windows, to a day out ice skating or staying home putting your tree up with a glass of red. Get some Christmas spirit and try to enjoy 🙂

P.S you cant go wrong with a Christmas Movie night – check out my fave crimbo films here.

Being single is one of the most badass things a woman can do. You’re not necessarily confined to being alone all the time, but if you want to be alone, that’s your choice.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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