Networking & Relationships #JingleLadies

Networking & Relationships #JingleLadies



Networking is a tricky word, especially for women. For some, networking conjures up images of crowded rooms full of people in suits exchanging business cards. For others, it might feel like asking someone to do something for you, which can be uncomfortable for many women.

No matter what you are trying to achieve in life, you are going to find it much easier if you have the right people on your side. You can go through life trying to kick every door down or, you can build relationships which mean you only have to knock on the door and receive a warm welcome.

For many women (especially after the pandemic) the thought of reaching out and connecting with new people can be scary, anxiety inducing even. But, as a 30 something single lady this is the most effective way to fill your time, find company that you enjoy, meet people organically and share interests with.

Effective networking takes time, energy, and lots of practice. Relationship networking is about building connections and finding mutual benefits for both parties. Share information, and don’t be afraid to help others grow their knowledge and experience. In many ways, relationship networking and partnerships overlap, leading to beneficial opportunities. 

Whether you are building relationships face-to-face or virtually, relationship networking involves a lot of give and take. Be sure to help others in your quest to expand your personal network. 


I’m not writing about the traditional partner/marriage/couple relationship dynamic here, no. In fact this is about nurturing and investing in every other relationship aside from that.





There are unlimited benefits to having strong relationships with other women. I turn to my closest female friends for everything from relationship advice to political analysis and book recommendations, and I know that if the s**t ever truly hits the fan, I have a core group of women who’ll drop everything to look after me. Make sure you make time for those ladies, they are true gems in life. Just as much as my girlfriends play an important role in my life, so do my guy friends – I think it’s always good to get the male perspective, someone to have your back should a man ever trouble you and personally if you’ve ever been a bit tomboyish like myself, the guys are great to talk to about rap music, boxing, cars… Anything thats not hair, makeup and clothes really… haha.


As our families grow and life progresses, it gets harder to find ways to connect and spend time together. People, single or not, can find it challenging to carve out space in their schedules for togetherness. But, as is the case with most things in life, if it’s important, you will find a way to make time for it. And creating memories and enjoying time together with family should definitely take priority. A close-knit family isn’t just born; it is nurtured and encouraged. However, as we all know, life can get hectic and relationships might get caught in the day-to-day rush. A little planning and effort will help to re-establish connections among family members and improve existing bonds.


Building great relationships at work is more than just getting along with one another… Building good work relationships can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your job and how much your colleagues love theirs.

If you have solid relationships with your team, you’ll be excited to go to work. You’ll love the feeling of efficiency that comes with great teamwork.

All you have to do is make a bit of time to get to know your colleagues, take note of things they like, and it’s always a great skill to have to be able to boost team morale when it’s just ‘one of those days’.

I am what I write about and I’ve recently got much more involved with my colleagues at work, spending time having a little chit chat, supporting their creative pursuits whenever I can and really focusing on the energy I put out at work. Honestly, I have no desire to leave my current setup, thanks to the people and students I see on a daily basis and these nice working relationships with my colleagues. It really does make all the difference.


Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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