I’m having a full smile makeover!

I’m having a full smile makeover!


I’m travelling to Antalya, Turkey today to visit the Attelia Dental Centre where I will be having a full smile makeover over the next 7 days!

I chose the Attelia Dental Centre specifically due to the amazing reviews I’ve seen online, the great work that they’ve done on celebrities teeth and the fact they provide a whole holiday package.

I can’t lie I am a bit nervous, it’s kicking in now that this is a big change for me, it’s going to change my whole face. BUT, it’s an investment into myself, something I have wanted to do for a long time now.

I had braces when I was younger, and for longer than most people, 6 years. I know right, long dot com. The braces straightened my teeth and I had to wear a retainer after they were taken off but eventually they spaced out again. I took so many trips to Eastmans dentist when I was younger and the thought of going through all that again really put me off, and with no guarantee that my teeth will not part ways again it just didn’t seem like the right kind of treatment to achieve the smile I’ve always wanted.

As social media evolved (gift or a curse?) I was able to gain insight into aesthetic treatments, I think the first person I saw with a full smile makeover that really engaged me and gave so much information was Charlie Sloth. He had his teeth done at Attelia Dental Centre and I was really impressed. Obviously I keep updates on my guy #fireinthebooth so everything kinda became accessible. I just needed to save and stop thinking about it and do it.

Turkey is now widely known for its smile makeover treatments, and once my mate Bekah came back from having hers done at one of the major clinics I was sold. After hearing about her experience first hand and seeing her beautiful natural smile I knew I had to make this happen sooner rather than later.

Over the last couple of years I had seen a few celebs that I sometimes rub shoulders with go to the Attelia Dental Centre and they had brilliant smile makeovers and really enjoyed their luxury stays in Antalya. You can check out Laughta and DJ Melody Kane’s experiences here.

Many consider Turkey as “the greatest nation for dental care” and a great choice for dental treatments because of the low cost and high-quality treatment. In addition to having my teeth done in Turkey, I get the whole holiday vibe and can also visit the beaches, museums, mosques, and churches all while enjoying delicious Turkish food!

So as well as my #JingleLadies 6 week project kicking off today, I am also embarking on this journey to a new smile. Join me on Instagram for all the updates and don’t forget to subscribe, up there on the right hand side 🙂

I’ll be sharing as much as I can across my stories and happy to answer any questions, see you there.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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