The Story So Far 18.10.2022

The Story So Far 18.10.2022


October blessed us with another eye opening event in  #TheStorySoFar panel held at strongroom Shoreditch in partnership with New Age Vision. This is the event that focuses on highlighting the stories of panellists that have worked and contributed to the music and entertainment industry with successful careers and startups, where they started, how they got there and all the challenges they faced in between.

With Mlavontelle hosting, asking the right questions and getting the hidden gems out of panellists, attendees are given insight and information first hand that could help them elevate their careers and succeed in their business ventures and endeavours.

Given the chance to network and make contacts whilst enjoying drinks and music after the panel has closed #TheStorySofar has proven popular and the event continues to have a full audience keen to listen, learn and network.

This months panel played host to a remarkable line up of respected industry professionals consisting of;

Kaylee Golding

Kaylee Golding is a DJ and an award-winning presenter. She is originally from Birmingham, but is now living in East London, hence why she follows the slogan “Your favourite Gyal From Brum”. Kaylee has been on a vast variety of stations including; Capital XTRA, BBC 1XTRA and more. She has also played at multiple festivals including Birmingham Pride. 

Kaylee Golding shared her story so far and was quite reflective about when she started, how she has developed and got to the point where she is now, one of her main pieces of advice to be successful in your pursuits was to:

“Network, always network and be kind!”

Kamillah Rose

Kamillah Rose is a DJ, presenter and music journalist. Kamillah has been a Presenter at Capital London since January 2021 and also works on Boiler Room projects alongside being a super mum!

Kamillah Rose gave some straight up advice about creating opportunities for yourself:

“You need to have your fingers in bare pies!”

Ty Logan

Ty Logan is a digital content creator, comedian, host and actor known for sketches and vlogs. He has appeared in television series including Sky One’s Bloods and Comedy Central UK’s Drunk History: Black Stories. In 2021, he was announced as a host of the rebooted British game show GamesMaster. He has earned more than 170,000 followers on his ty_logan300 Instagram account.

MLavontelle asked Ty Logan what one of his biggest challenges was and he replied with:

“There are times when my family members have passed away but I had to continue doing comedy, you gotta make people laugh, that’s been one of the hardest things.”

Femi Oyeniran

Femi Oyeniran is a very well known actor and director who started his career in the cult classic Kidulthood, playing the role of “Moony” in 2006 and again in the sequel Adulthood. Femi has acted, produced and directed many British film and television works including The Intent & The Intent 2.

When asking for the top tip that the panellists could share with us when navigating the industry Femi Oyeniran told us:

“Likeability, likeability is important!

Don’t beg friend but don’t offend anyone either!”

Mr Madz

Mr Madz is the owner of Sickabit Entertainment, London Artist & influencer development. Mr Madz has taken on various different roles in the music and media industry, currently hosts events and is managing popular content creator Abraham Bunga!

A great question from MLavontelle was about structuring emails and how to ask for things, Mr Madz made a good point that you have to:

“Ask for everything, you might get something!”

Whilst I cannot divulge all the information that was shared, there were a few pieces of advice that really opened my eyes and ears to things I had never really thought about, as well as some really motivational quotes.

Our gorgeous host even shared her email strategy recommendation which was super helpful!

“Chase up after 1 day, then 3 days, then 1 week and then every 3 months!”

It was a brilliant evening getting to know more about the panellists and engaging with them. Sounds were once again provided by the amazing Yaz La Mode and the networking afterwards saw guests mixing, conversating and having an all round good time.

The photo booth was set up for guests to enjoy and have fun with, provided by Capture Booth!

Wise Monkeys Media was in the building!!

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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