A Chat With Nics – Last Last Remix

A Chat With Nics - Last Last Remix

A Chat With Nics – Last Last Remix


I met up with Nics at Bubba Oasis for a chat about his newest release ‘Last Last Remix’ that is out now and to get to know him a bit better!

Sam: Nice to actually meet you! Tell me a bit about where you’re from and how you got into music.

Nics: I’m from Tottenham, North London, I got into music early because I come from a creative background, my mum used to make art and my dad is a music producer, he always used to take me to the studio from when I was super young. I guess I just soaked it all in essentially from a really young age, I started writing, wrote my first song when I was 7 and kept practising ever since. I also learnt how to play the piano as well, but I cant play it anymore so please don’t ask me. LOL

I started taking it a lot more serious when I started college, I went to The BRIT School, when I went there I realised that this was a thing I can properly do.

Sam: What was that like learning at the brit school, I’ve always been very curious about that place?

Nics: It’s not like what you’d typically expect, you know people say you have kids dancing on the tables in the canteen and it’s like high school music, I mean it does happen but it’s not continuously. I liked The Brit School a lot, it really prepared me for the future. they taught mea lot of stuff that, at the time I was thinking I didn’t need to know that but now it matters for example knowing about contracts, mixing and mastering live instruments in comparison to just studio stuff, getting in touch with different equipment and networking with strands which are like subjects including dance and media. I was always around people that are helpful for the future.

Sam: So your new single is out today, tell me more!

Nics: Yeah the single dropped today at 12 and the video drops at 4pm! The audio is out now on all streaming platforms and the video will be on my own youtube channel.

Sam: So how did the ‘Last Last Remix’ come about?

Nics: Basically I came across the producer and he sent me the track, I was just going to use it for a freestyle for my instagram, I posted a snippet on my story and then my bredrins like S.A.M called me and was like what you doing with this one? I said just an instagram freestyle he was like nah release it as a track, Renzo is an artist under my friends management and he said he definitely wanted to be involved so we all just kind of came together and wrote, went to Notion Studios and recorded it. and shot the music video straight after!

Sam: Was Last Last one of your favourite tracks this year, is that why you were drawn to it?

Nics: I wouldn’t say it was my favourite track of this year, but its a very enjoyable song to listen to , every time you go out people have been on a vibe and same wavelength with it, Katmandu produced the sick remix and it captures the energy of the original song but just gives it that extra oomph.

Sam: I noticed you did a Cammy Riddim as well, its LIT! Do you enjoy doing the whole Insta freestyles/trends?

Nics: Ah thank you, the Cammy Riddims have been sick! I love doing the Insta freestyles, they are the main thing I like doing in particular, I used to do self shot videos on a tripod but I’ve been getting more into music video aesthetics, so the Cammy Riddim looks more like a freestyle music video. Me and my videographer are working more on that aesthetic for Instagram essentially. The Insta freestyles are good, I write them in a very small time frame, not many people know this but I give myself a small time frame to write, and get everything done in 3 hours max, to get it completed as quick as possible and to practice and work on my penmanship essentially. I try to make my freestyles much more complicated with the wordplay and punchlines.

Sam: WOW you really think all of this through, its impressive! Your fairly new to me, you recently came on my radar and caught my attention at the Wray and Nephew event where you performed when Miss La Familia chose you to come up on stage, how did that actually happen did you’s know each other beforehand, what was that like for you?

Nics: Miss La Familia literally just picked me out of the crowd! Wray and Nephew invited me and my friends down, I have quite a good relationship with them so we was there and Miss La Familia was looking for a rapper to come up on stage and my cousins pushed me forward to go up so I ended up going on stage with her and performing, she was really lovely as well we have kept in contact and were due to go studio together soon. I really enjoyed it and I do perform quite a lot, last time I performed was at KYNO it was a really good event but as of now I am just focusing on creating new material.

Sam: So whats next for the rest of 2022 and what can we expect in the new year?

Nics: ‘Last Last Remix’ video is out now! I’ve been recording in the studio a lot, I might have another single or two to put out before the year ends and I have my yearly freestyle that I put out on my birthday every year (8th December!) that will wrap up the year. I have my EP launch in the new year, can’t tell you the date yet but its going to be a summary of my sound and let people know who Nics is.

Huge THANK YOU to Nics for spending time and having a chat with me!

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‘Last Last Remix’ is available to listen to on all streaming platforms, click here.

A Chat With Nics - Last Last Remix

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