Mike GLC Vs Link Up TV – Wise Monkeys Podcast

Mike GLC Vs Link Up TV - Wise Monkeys Podcast

Mike GLC Vs Link Up TV – Wise Monkeys Podcast


I recently joined the Wise Monkeys Media Podcast, I’ll now be appearing regularly alongside Fend and Ope, talking about the things people don’t or won’t talk about.

Wise Monkeys Media bring you a Youtube podcast featuring the latest news around popular culture and analysis surrounding the UK music scene. Gain insights and listen to interesting takes from passionate co hosts Fend and Sammi.

As a UK music fanatic and journalist, Sammi provides both reasonable opinions and questions on some controversial topics debating with Fend who enjoys putting forward arguments that lots of people wrestle with, but not everyone fully recognises.

Ope has chosen to take a backseat behind the camera, steering the conversations playing devils advocate and delivering a quality edited podcast for you all, weekly.

In this episode we look at the recent drama circulating around Mike GLC Vs Link Up TV.

Both parties have spoken out about the ongoing issue of whether copyrights have been stolen and sold on to third party companies so we came together to discuss what’s really going on here and why?

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Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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Mike GLC Vs Link Up TV

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