A Chat With Ricardo Gold – ‘AGAIN’ Available on Spotify UK Now

A Chat With Ricardo Gold - 'AGAIN' Available on Spotify UK Now

A Chat With Ricardo Gold – ‘AGAIN’ Available on Spotify UK Now


Nando’s on a Friday night saw me meet with Ricardo Gold.

Unfortunately we have no Nando’s or foodie content for you because we basically ate before thinking.

A Chat With Ricardo Gold - 'AGAIN' Available on Spotify UK Now

We spoke about his BRAND NEW single that recently got a Kiss FM First Play from DJ Ellie Prohan – New track entitled ‘Again’ where the lyrics flow to a tailor-made sound fusing Rap/Hip-Hop and Rock elements. Available on Spotify UK Now.

How did your new single come about?

RG: I was thinking about things, what makes sense and just trying to follow the fun, so whatever’s fun, I’m there. That’s how I ended up in the studio that night. I was in my flat chilling, my boy called me and was like come studio. I said alright cool, I’m coming to chill I’m not coming to rap, I’m coming to see you.

I went over to pirate studio, got there – there are 3 rooms and about 15 people (singers, producers etc…) spread out across the studios. One room I was in was so dead so I came out that room, everyone that was there knows what I’m talking about. One of the producers came into my room where I was with my boy Tristan, I had never met this producer before, he’s names Pablo and he started running through beats, more man have come into our room and he started going through his beats and I was liking what I heard, he put on the beat (Again) and straight away I started rapping to it. He said yeah yeah get in the booth, so I did, I literally free styled it and recorded it. Everyone was going nuts, he mixed it and bounced it and sent it around, next minute I’m getting people from Jamaica on my phone rapping to it.

Do you find it easy to just get in the booth with people around you that you don’t know?

RG: When I heard the beat nah. I was just feeling the beat I wasn’t really thinking about any of that.

How did you feel getting that First play on Kiss FM with Ellie Prohan?

RG: Big up Ellie my G! It’s wavy and I’m so grateful, she keeps supporting my music! I met her naturally and the first time she played one of my songs was through Joey Clipstar (Hardest Bars/LinkupTV) I remember he brought me in one time and put me on a list with Stormzy and Chip and asked for my track, said he was going to send it to her team and it got played.

I was so surprised as well, I sent out loads of emails and just kept it moving, next thing I know I’m out driving and an email comes through from Amanda on Ellie’s team saying yeah they’re gonna play it. I was happy!

>> Watch ‘Again’ here <<

So what’s next?

RG: I’m on doing live shows but I don’t know if it’s too early for that, I’ve done a few shows already on some platforms in Shoreditch, I am next and Rock The Mic – that went off! I performed ‘Again’ and my next single that’s coming out and will be available on Spotify in October ‘Patience’ that went off!

I performed at Boxpark Wembley with the same 2 tracks, same thing, it went off! LDNRBS organised for me to be at Boxpark Wembley and he’s said to me I should get a couple artists and be doing my own shows so I just need to brainstorm that, it’s definitely a next step. I’d like to involve Ras Tokyo he’s a wavy guy.

I’ve got a few interviews but you’re the first one! I’m doing a live one with LDNRBS and just letting everything else fall in to place naturally.

I’m continuing to push ‘Again’ til the wheels fall off, I’ve got music ready to drop, the video for my next single is nearly done and


I’ve got my project ready for next year!

I really want to hear ‘Again’ get played at Notting Hill Carnival – that’s my summer song, I want people to enjoy it.

Stream ‘AGAIN’ – Available on Spotify UK Now – Ricardo Gold’s newest single providing a taste of his unique and explosive sound that we are due to hear more of in the coming months!

Check out Ricardo Gold:

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A Chat With Ricardo Gold - 'AGAIN' Available on Spotify UK Now

Stay safe and take care and again, and again, and again.

Sammi xx

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A Chat With Ricardo Gold – ‘AGAIN’ Available on Spotify UK Now

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A Chat With Ricardo Gold – ‘AGAIN’ Available on Spotify UK Now

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