The Story So Far 23.06.2022

Music In Motion PR – #TheStorySoFar

The Story So Far 23.06.2022


June saw the 5th instalment of #TheStorySoFar in partnership with New Age Vision. The event that focuses on highlighting the stories of panellists that have worked and contributed to the music and entertainment industry with successful careers and startups, where they started, how they got there and all the challenges they faced in between.

Photography by zap_308

With Mlavontelle hosting, asking the right questions and getting the hidden gems out of panellists, attendees are given insight and information first hand that could help them elevate their careers and succeed in their business ventures and endeavours.

Given the chance to network and make contacts whilst enjoying drinks and music after the panel has closed #TheStorySofar has proven popular and the event continues to have a full audience keen to listen, learn and network.

This months panel were sitting comfortably at Market House Brixton with Puff Puff Balloons on display and we were treated to a line up of respected industry professionals consisting of;

Corey Johnson

(Multi Diamond & Platinum label/ producer/ publisher Manager for Cristale – Also Founder & CEO of @defendersent)

Jay McGregor

(Presenter + producer KISS Breakfast @kissfmuk@reprezentradio – Founder of @gracefulgraves)

Jusnah Gadi

(Specialist in Music Law – Founder @youngmusicboss @ymbawards – CoFounder @hotnjuicyshrimpldn)

Ben Wynter

(Founder: @unstoppablemusicgroup – Clients: @chantelleleeofficial @soundslikedotinc @verose @kinglavidaloca – Co-Founder: POWER UP)


(Multi Platinum Producer – Skepta, Jhus, Mostack, AJ tracey, Mist, Stefflon Don, Aitch, Emeli Sande, Tinie Tempa + more)

Sav Jointz

(Private Chef & Food Blogger)

The event was hosted by none other than the gorgeous gorgeous Mlavontelle who was keen to bring out as much as she could from the panelists and instigated some lively discussions and responses from both the panel and audience.

Mlavontelle put the questions to the panel and they each spoke about their experiences and journey in the industry so far. Their stories were told in turn with reference to each of the panellists credits and achievements and their thoughts on various topics.

The conversation flowed back and forth between Mlavontelle and the panellists throughout the night covering a range of topics from what the hard work actually entails, how to make it happen, using alias emails to your advantage, beef with PPL, sampling culture in 2022 and so much more.


Rxwntree – “There are times I don’t like a certain sound on a song, but the audience might like it, so putting your difference aside and doing what’s right for the record is what makes sense, me and Mostack dropped a song last week and theres a part of it i didn’t like, I said to him it was kind of catchy but you’re kinda ruining the rap and he said nah nah it’s gonna work trust me, so I followed him and it worked, look what happened”

Ben Wynter – ” Sampling culture has taken a turn back into the 90s, everything you’re hearing right now e.g if you listen to Beyonce or Drakes new record thats throwback 90s records, if you listen to a lot of the samples people have taken its from the 90s, if you look at the fashion its from the 90s, everything at the moment is very 90s influenced”

Jusnah Gadi & Corey Johnson

Jusnah Gadi – “I did a law degree, I specialise in intellectual property and entertainment, I started Young Music Boss really for selfish reasons, I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know how to get in there and seek the right opportunities, I always knew that I didn’t want to be in house at a label, I didn’t want to look after a labels interest I wanted to sit outside of that and I didn’t know how to penetrate that so Young Music Boss became my tool of a way to build a network and build that resource that I wished had existed when I came out of law school.”

Sav Jointz – “I went to university on a football scholarship in America, started rapping, got a call to open up for Migos and Jaquees on campus, I fell out of love with football and fell in love with food, I graduated from uni and moved back here and then the food I was craving wasn’t in the UK so I was like I’m gonna cook this myself to the point where my close friends and family were telling me to cook properly, one thing lead to another and I started cooking for celebrities”

Sav Jointz

Corey Johnson – “What makes you stand out is being consistent, most people would just do something today because everybody else is doing it, but if you get up everyday and you’re not making any money and you’re doing it just because you love it, that consistency will make you stand out”

Jay McGregor – “One thing people don’t know about me is that I actually have a grave cleaning business, totally different from presenting and radio, I have a business called Graceful Graves and I started it after my dad passed away 2 years ago, I was there at his grave and I was cleaning it and it was hot and its hard work and I was looking at the companies and they were all run by predominantly old white men, so I thought let me start my own business and I got funding for it and now were going viral on TikTok”

Jay Mcgregor

The host and panelist’s received thanks and love from everyone involved, sounds were provided by DJ ANI DAYA and the networking afterwards saw guests mixing, conversating and having an all round good time.

The photo booth was set up for guests to enjoy and have fun with provided by Capture Booth! #boomers

Check out the recap below.

I can’t reveal all the industry gems that were dropped so come and find out for yourself at the next #TheStorySoFar

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Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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