The June Dog Walking Challenge for Mind!

The June Dog Walking Challenge for Mind!

The June Dog Walking Challenge for Mind!


In 2020/21 Mind answered a staggering 118,000 enquiries through its Infoline. Since then, more of us than ever have been experiencing mental health problems. Your donation could help Mind be there for everyone who needs them. Whenever they need them.

The June Dog Walking Challenge for Mind! is a virtual fundraising challenge hosted on Facebook challenging all you fur-tastic dog owners out there to walk 118km in June with your partner in crime and raise money for Mind. Using Facebook means you can easily set up a fundraising page and Mind receive 100% of the money donated. 

Nicky is a well respected member of our family and wider community, she has continuously helped provide our local community with opportunities, help and events with projects for all ages including The ERG football team, fitness sessions with Ellie English and creative spaces at the Waltert Sickert community hall.

Nicky has chosen to raise money for the Mind! charity in remembrance of her brother Steven Ludgate who took his own life, 30 years ago.

The June Dog Walking Challenge for Mind!

If you don’t want to partake in the challenge or have a furry friend to spur you on then you can support by donating to my cousin’s facebook page.

Nicky has been working with Help on Your Doorstep which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Islington, especially those who are vulnerable and isolated. Working with residents the team seek to find solutions to the issues which make life difficult, they have helped strengthen communities to do more for themselves and enable people to improve their life chances. 

Help On Your Doorstep also work to improve the lives of people in communities throughout Islington through the Good Neighbours Schemes and Nicky has built up a brilliant rapport with everyone she meets and provides services to.

I think it is important that our community supports the people that really put their heart and soul into providing better care and services for all of us Islington residents.

No matter how big or small please make a donation here.

Thank you for your support.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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