A Chat With Translee

A Chat With Translee


Music In Motion Press Day!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE press days with Soph!

Translee is an artist from Huntsville Alabama currently residing in Atlanta Ga since 2010. Signed to Digital Native Culture & Grand Hustle (T.I.) and has a brand new project “Social Currency” dropping soon!

It has been over 2 years since I last caught up with Translee on his UK press tour in 2019 and it was so good to spend and afternoon/evening with the gang. We all met up at our usual spot (Drake and Morgan KX) and press day was in full swing.

Photography by @thecoolestnobody

Sam: What’s new with you? What’s happened since the last time we spoke in 2019?!

Translee: A whole lot of things are new, of course we’ve all gone through the pandemic, and I think that enlightened all of us and gave us a new introspective look on life, I’ve recorded a whole lot of music, my girlfriend Chelsea she’s a story writer and TV director – she put together her own tv show that I was fully involved in, so I got my acting on, and I’ve also started a clothing brand called INNER PEACE OUTER GLOW – its focused on thinking of your inner wellbeing as the most important part to get the outer glow you want – its not in cars, jewellery or money its literally in the inner peace that you hold on the inside, so that’s what the brand is all about and we just pushing music and merch and love!

Sam: The clothing range is focused heavily on good mental health is that right? Tell me a bit more about that.

Translee: It’s really more so a brand that I want people to see and visualize it, and when you see it you just see inner peace and outer glow and it really makes you think thats where the glow is gonna come from, thats where the happiness is gonna come from. You see so many rich people blowing their brains out because they don’t have inner peace and you can only get it from within, whether you get it from GOD or whoever you pray to, you know you’ve got to search for that and thats really how you get that outer glow.

Sam: Your last project ‘Freedom Summer’ has been out for a while, hows that going?

Translee: It’s been going great, that project is like the gift that keeps on giving because the streams continue to roll in and the songs continue to grow. I’m about to drop a whole new project that is going to reach a whole lot of new ears which will recommend people to the ‘Freedom Summer’ project.

I’m excited because we’ve never consistently dropped music, but now were in a space where we can drop music every couple of weeks, 6 songs each time until we blow up. through the last couple years we’ve recorded a lot of music thats gonna drop.

Sam: Is this music dropping on your new project coming out ‘Social Currency’?

Translee: Yes, so it’s coming out in June gonna be dropping ‘Social Currency’ that has 6 songs on it, and then around July I’m gonna drop 6 more and continue putting it out like that. As an artist thats still building you have to make it digestible with a good amount of songs so people can get a good gist of you and don’t feel overwhelmed.

Translee performing at Havas KX

Sam: Sounds brilliant, so hows your time been in London this time around?

Translee: We got to see the city a lot more than last time, we were able to take a deep breath and see the sights, we visited the London Eye, The Queens Palace, got on the train and got lost we were able to do a lot more this time around.

Sam: What’s going on for you when you get back to Atlanta?

Translee: Oh yeah, we gotta hit the ground running, coz the musics about to drop in June, we got things planned in different cities like Alabama and Los Angeles.

Sam: Do you have any videos for your latest tracks?

Translee: Yes! And the people in London will be happy, we’ve shot a video here, we’ve been filming the whole time. You might even pop up in it! We’ve been filming a lot around London city and I hope that will help people from London see what we are really trying to do.

After our chat we moved over to Havas KX for a special event with Habas Boost where Translee performed alongside amazing RnB singer Kadeem Tyrell and up and coming UK rapper Kanivaoh. Afterwards we had the pleasure of dining together on their last London evening at Tetto’s (Me and Soph swear by the lobster ravioli!)

I also managed to get a cheeky interview with Translee’s amazing partner Chelsea who has released a brilliant book about financial education for children which will be out soon! Did someone say dynamic duo?

Catch the highlights over on my Instagram.

INNER PEACE OUTER GLOW – A brand and motto I can fully support!

Huge thank you to TRANSLEE for spending time with me!

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Stay safe, keep an eye out for Translee and take care,

Sammi xx

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