A Brilliant Trick for Packing a Floppy Holiday Hat 

A Brilliant Trick for Packing a Floppy Holiday Hat 

A Brilliant Trick for Packing a Floppy Holiday Hat 


A Brilliant Trick for Packing a Floppy Holiday Hat 

Isn’t it about that time where you start getting ready for your next vaction? In other words, it’s time to dust off your sun hat to give you some much-needed sun protection whilst you bask in the warmth of warmer climates.

A floppy hat is the ideal warm-weather accessory. It’s chic. It’s sun-protective. It’s aesthetic and just plain fun, it’s also a total pain in the A** to travel with on an airplane.

So, erm,

How are you supposed to pack your hat?

I recently stumbled upon a pretty genius solution that is crush proof and maximises space in the suitcase! There’s no need to purchase a hat box or special luggage to ensure your hat stays intact. This goes for any style of hat, including various styles of sun hats, as well as fedoras, Fishermans, and safari hats.

Because these hats are formed, they must be packed with care to avoid damaging the crown or brim. Depending on the material, they may be cracked, creased, or squished beyond repair if you don’t follow the tips below. 

Amazon’s highly rated floppy sun hat

Check out this step by step guide for a major hat hack.

Step 1: Gently stuff a thicker piece of clothing (like your evening cardigan) inside the crown of your floppy hat. If you have to, add a second piece of clothing. The goal is to make sure the part of the hat where you put your head is completely stuffed (to maintain its shape).

Step 2: Pack heavier items – like jeans and heeled/platform shoes – at the bottom of your suitcase.

Step 3: Place your hat in the centre of your suitcase so the brim lies flat against the bottom layer of clothes.

Step 4: Add lighter-weight clothes (like swimwear, tees and kaftans) on top of the brim of your hat, nestling them around the crown so the hat stays secure in your bag.

Step 5: Enjoy being the most fabulous regular at the pool bar in your holiday accommodation!

Whilst packing hats is not considered an art form, once you master how to efficiently pack your hats, you’ll feel as though you’ve completed a masterpiece, and will be the most organised packing queen out of all your friends.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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