A Chat With ZeenoWitDaReload

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A Chat With ZeenoWitDaReload


Music In Motion Press Day!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE press days with Soph!

It was a nice warm afternoon, I made my way to Kings Cross to meet Zeeno at Drake & Morgan for a cheeky beverage and chilled interview.

Zeeno was really easy to chat to and started off telling me a bit about himself;

When I was young I lived in Morocco for a bit and everyone used to call me zee co, my mum, family, my cousins… When I came over here (UK) everyone started saying Zeeno and that’s how my name came about and it grew on me. I started noticing there were so many Zeeno’s so I changed it to ZeenoWitDaReload.

I started making music in 2017 with my friends, we started off in a group called HSG we made a song in Brighton, put it on a platform and the song was popping at the time. I’ve been hitting the booth ever since but I never took it that serious until now. This year I have so much music unreleased, it’s a passion and a hobby so I thought I might as well do it.

Sam: Did you always know you wanted to make music?

Zeeno: Yeah I’ve always known that I wanted to do music, I love music. In school I wanted to do music but I got kicked out at an early age so that got in the way.

Sam: Did anything specific happen that pushed you to being more serious about music now?

Zeeno: I came out of jail this year and I just thought I’m good at what I do, people like it, the mandem F with it and I love doing it. I knew this time when I came out of jail I had to to do it, I don’t want to do anything else it doesn’t make sense. I’m good at music and I enjoy it. Making music is therapeutic for me, I love it. If I’m stressed ill go to the booth and it puts me at ease.

At this point me and Zeeno were heading slightly off topic and we kind of switched roles, he was interviewing me about what I do and why I do it – It was a brilliant part of our chat and it really broke the ice for us getting to know each other – I ABSOLUTELY love when I meet someone I’m interviewing and the vibe is just natural and organic – I won’t go in to much detail about the content of our side chat but BIG UP ZEENO!!

Steered the chat back to the music, Zeeno just released two singles on Mixtape Madness and we dived right into what ‘Pain’ is about;

Zeeno: The song is like if I could go back into the past I would because I wasted time, that one there is about the pain of mans struggle and I put it all into the song, my other single ‘Cold World’ is a freestyle – Pain is more about my life. I come out the can talking about my life, I’m singing and rapping, I had to get everything out I was going mad. I’d been wanting to get in the booth for a whole year, I got in the booth made the chorus and I thought the chorus was alright, it’s catchy, put the track together and that’s how ‘Pain’ was made.

Sam: I really like the melody, it bangs and it feels quite raw, I can proper vibe to ‘Pain’ – Do you have plans to put out anymore music this year?

Zeeno: I’ve got so much music coming, so many bangers but I don’t want to say too much. If I could live in the booth I would!

(I actually got a sneak preview of the next track and video! I am under strict oath to not share any details of this, but let me just say everyone needs to be locked in to Zeeno as the levels are going up with this next one!)

Sam: Who inspires you to make music the way you do, who did you listen to, to find your sound?

Zeeno: French Montana, and A Boogie Wit Da hoodie. French Montana because he’s Moroccan, from my hood, I’ve seen his come up and A Boogie I listen to a lot.

Sam: So what’s the plan are you working on a full project?

Zeeno: I’m working on this project at the moment, to be honest I’ve got loads of songs ready and I’m focusing on putting myself out there. I’m not thinking about a mixtape right now but definitely an EP! Right now though I just want to be consistent with putting out music.

Huge thank you to Zeeno for spending time with me!

‘Pain’ & ‘Cold World’ are out now via Mixtape Madness so have a listen above and follow ZeenoWitDaReload

For press inquiries contact: SRJMusicOfficial@gmail.com
Blog support & Collaborations: info@sammiswinton.com

Stay safe, keep an eye out for Zeeno and take care,

Sammi xx

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