10 things you probably don’t know about me

10 things you probably don’t know about me


Aside from blogging and sharing reviews & recommendations I actually have a lot of interest’s, stories and depth so I thought why not share 10 things you probably don’t know about me.

am me. And since no one else is in line for that job, it’s me you get behind the words each week here at sammiswinton.com

But who is the “me” behind the words?

Whilst a lot of my lovely readers that keep track of my posts that are Islington related, may already know me in some capacity from growing up together, some of you may know me through my love of music and industry events, but there are some of you from across the globe that have discovered me through my blog and Google Local Guides reviews that might not have the foggiest about me.

So, I figured it might be fun to share a few facts about yours truly and let you all get to know me a bit better.

  • I don’t have any pets but I would love to have a cute dog come live with me at some point. I am definitely a dog over cats type person. My sister has rabbits that have literally just given birth to 5 baby bunnies and they are sooooo cute! Next time I am there I will show you on my Instagram – keep an eye out on my stories for these beauties!
  • I LOVE cities, I am a city girl, I grew up in central London, UK and I find countryside life a bit too quiet and isolating – short countryside breaks are nice but I do much prefer the hustle and bustle of a beautiful city like Amsterdam or San Francisco. I have travelled to many different cities that I’ve forgotten what an actual relaxing beach holiday feels like, my last trip like that was in 2016 when I went on a 2 week family holiday to Greece. I have my mum’s wedding coming up next month in Cyprus so I am really looking forward to being able to kick back and relax in the sun!

  • I don’t really like Horror films, at all. I was scarred for life since watching ‘The Excorcist’ at age 10 and having nightmares for about 10 years ever since. I recently started trying to watch them and it’s been a more enjoyable experience. My favourite film of all time though has to be ‘Coach Carter’ – classic. I am a huge fan of Samuel L Jackson!

  • I’m not much of a ‘natural joker’ so I really enjoy being around people that are just naturally funny and can make me laugh. I do love a good serious deep conversation but being around people that don’t take themselves too seriously and can have a laugh is really where it’s at for me.

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  • I’m an introvert at heart. I have my extro moments and phases but I am honestly so content with my AirPods in listening to my music or chilling on my own with a good self help book. I generally enjoy writing/typing more than I do talking.

  • I studied E-Media at City & Islington college in 2006/2007 and created my first ever HTML website! One of the assignments I completed was to build a website with HTML pages and coding on my favourite music artist. Although it was just an assignment and the site never went live on the internet it was a great introduction to website building and I was so proud of my ‘Dizzee Rascal Fan Site’ which included a bio, photo’s, news update page and contact details. I never actually realised how that course and assignment had impacted my career choice as I did veer away from it and went into business administration but thinking about it now and how I came back to it in 2016 – WOW. (hindsight is beautiful sometimes, right?)
  • I can play Ghetto Kyote on the keyboard/piano. I never really learnt how to play an instrument (I am a pro at doing hot cross buns on the recorder but that just sounds embarrassing LOL) Ever since the Ghetto Kyote instrumental came out (2004) I had wanted to learn how to play it on the Piano but the thought of costly piano lessons always put me off. Fast forward to 2016, I undertook an intense music production course and had to familiarise myself with the keyboard and the only way I felt I could do that was by learning Ghetto Kyote. A quick Youtube search gave me the tutorial and I was able to kick that off my bucket list! Please don’t ever ask me to try and play anything else though.

  • Nike over Adidas – I am not sorry. I am an avid AF1 wearer. the AF1 is so versatile I can do most things/events in them. I will not be debating this.
  • I tried magic mushrooms once and was staring at my curtains for hours, they changed colour and looked like they were actually closing in on me. I don’t know how many hours I was staring at them for but I can remember feeling immensely scared that the curtains were going to attack me. Moral of the story: Don’t do mushrooms.
  • I love learning – and when I get into a subject, I kind of lose myself a little by diving in deep.

Are we friends now?

Oh yeah, one more thing.

I believe in you and will do everything I can to make you believe in yourself.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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