What Is The Obsession With Hip Hop Clone Conspiracies?

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What Is The Obsession With Hip Hop Clone Conspiracies?


Every time a celebrity goes away for a while, and then resurfaces, people are certain that it’s not actually them.

People were – and are – totally sure that Gucci Mane, Eminem, Kodak Black, Madonna and Avril Lavigne have all been replaced, and it’s hard to say whether they’re onto something, or totally bonkers.

Like Gucci Mane and Kodak Black, NBA YoungBoy was accused of being a clone upon his release from jail.

What the conspiracy theorists think is that the government is replicating rappers in prison and then using them as agents to influence public opinion and encourage compliance.

“using them as agents to influence public opinion and encourage compliance.” – I mean it doesn’t sound so absurd, when you look at some of the people they put in charge to run the governments and influence public opinion to control behaviours and keep people ‘in line’

There have been multiple theories about Eminem being replaced by a clone at some point in his career (public opinion suggests 2006 was the year), with tales of Illuminati interference, deadly car crashes and lethal overdoses that have culminated with the Shady model we have now. Clone spotters have pointed out the rapper’s drastic change in appearance over the years. Some even point to a halftime-show interview he did in 2013 as proof his clone was tweaking. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

The conspiracy theories that have always managed to grip hip-hop, from 2Pac coasting in Cuba to Jay and Bey pledging their souls to the Illuminati, are all centred around power: Who has it, who wants it and what someone is willing to do in order to get it.

According to the most publicised rap conspiracy theories: Jay Z is in the Illuminati. Eminem overdosed years ago and now we have been seeing a clone. 2Pac faked his death. Erykah Badu’s passion fruit makes rappers find themselves. Rakim wrote Summertime for Will Smith and Suge Knight injected Eazy-E with the aids virus…


Back in the spring of 2012 somebody took the time to generate a Gmail account. Username: John Smith. The address: industryconfessions@gmail.com. They composed the message with the subject line, The secret meeting that changed rap music and destroyed a generationand on April 24th, at 1:30 p.m., hit send.

The industry confession contained within this message had the feel of a key that could unlock a mystery linking two of America’s most powerful forces. It alleged that at a closed-door meeting back in the 1990s, the music industry and the prison industrial complex had colluded to market music that promotes criminal behaviour in order to help the lawmen to fill their prisons cells.

That doesn’t exactly have a clear lead on to cloning rappers but it does start a trail of thought…

Let me know your thoughts in the comments ASAP!

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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