Wowcher Mystery Holiday Review!

What is a Wowcher mystery holiday?

Wowcher Mystery Holiday Review!


What is a Wowcher mystery holiday?

Wowcher’s popular mystery holidays are for anyone that wants to bag a bargain holiday for just £99pp – but you won’t find out where you’re actually going until AFTER you’ve booked. If you purchase the #mysterygetaway you could end up in the likes of Spain, Turkey, Greece or Italy, as well as some long-haul hotspots such as Barbados, New York and Dubai.

Yep, so that’s £99 in total for both the flights and a hotel stay! Basically.

So, how does it work?

You book the mystery holiday online for £99pp (the price is based on two people travelling, so you’ll need two vouchers, in my case we had 4). Once you’ve booked, you’ll be entered into the destinations draw, and assigned a location. Once you’ve confirmed your location, travel dates and booking then your holiday is all set – all that’s left to do is pack, and enjoy the holiday!

I went on this 3 night trip to lovely Portugal with my family to celebrate my sisters 30th birthday, lord knows she deserved it!

Me and my family bought a Wowcher Mystery Suprise Holiday for £99 pp and originally I was totally skeptical, even though I had heard from a few people they had had really good experiences, I still took into account the endless negative online reviews. I really wasn’t expecting much wow factor but I ended up being majorly impressed with how it worked out!

portugal albufeira

We opted for flight times that would give us the maximum stay in our destination so we left London very very early, flight was at 06:55am and we were able to fly back to London on an evening flight.

For an extra £25 per person we added on a private car transfer to and from the airport in Albufeira and it was a huge car, very spacious and ventilated with an english speaking driver.

The accommodation provided was much better than I had anticipated – We were upgraded to the 4 Star Balaia Golf Village Resort at no extra cost and this really made our stay so enjoyable!

You can read more in depth about my stay here.


Is the £99 getaway deal worth your cash?

Booking a holiday usually needs to be well thought out and planned because it can be a very expensive mistake to make when things go wrong.  But with this deal, it’s affordable and you’re knowingly and willingly taking a gamble on what destination you will be going to. You don’t need to think too much about what to pack as they are mostly short stays and you don’t need to overdo it with big luggage.

If you’re flexible on time and aren’t fussy where you end up, it’s a fun gamble with the potential to end up as a fantastic luxury getaway. It’s also a great present to gift someone you love.

What is a Wowcher mystery holiday?

As part of the anniversary special, there are now 100 destinations available as part of the deal, including new locations like Barbados, Dubai, Thailand, and Mexico.

All stays include travel and accommodation, but some lucky travellers can also win extras like attraction tickets, hotel upgrades, sightseeing cruises, dining and more.

How do you Redeem a Wowcher Holiday?

Firstly, purchase your Wowcher Mystery Holiday here, and once Wowcher has emailed you your unique voucher code, you have to contact the merchant ‘weekender breaks’ directly to redeem.

Note: Once you have confirmed your holiday, no cancellation is permitted. 

I really hope this review helps some of you to take the plunge and have a brilliant #mysterygetaway like I did.

I 100% recommend purchasing this deal if you want a short, quick getaway that doesn’t cost much.

Stay safe and take care,

Sammi xx

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  1. This is such a neat idea! I wish we had something like this in the US because I would give it a try! I guess you also need to make sure your passport is up to date since it sounds like a lot of international travel. That would stop us right now as none of us have a current passport.

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