New Foundation launches to support survivors of sexual abuse in music industry

New Foundation launches to support survivors of sexual abuse in music industry


Face The Music Now offers people a safe space to speak about their experiences

A new foundation has been launched in a bid to help survivors of sexual abuse in the music industry.

As Mixmag reports, the initiative – which is called Face The Music Now – was set up by author and talent manager Dorothy Carvello, who became the first female A&R scout for Atlantic Records.

“As a survivor myself, I have seen and experienced firsthand how sexual harassment and abuse shatters survivors psychologically, financially, and professionally,” Carvello said in a statement.

“It’s not a matter of money; it’s about helping them put the pieces back together. This is about the decades-old and widespread abuse of power in the music industry. We want to help survivors find their voices and take back some of what they have lost.”

Face The Music Now aims to provide a safe space for survivors, as well as a platform to help educate, highlight prevalence in the music industry, and focus on changing institutionalised abuse.

The foundation couldn’t have arrived at a more convenient time with recent allegations surrounding the famous Hip Hop DJ Tim Westwood, with a documentary speaking to the victims airing tonight at 8pm on BBC Three.

Tim Westwood is a former Radio 1 DJ who was an early champion of hip-hop in the UK and hosted the first nationally-broadcast rap show on UK radio from 1994. He is facing claims from seven women, with incidents allegedly taking place within a period of more than 20 years.

DJ Tim Westwood has “strongly denied” several allegations of sexual misconduct by women who say he abused his position in the music industry to take advantage of them, according to media reports.

I am very intrigued to see how this pans out as no official reports have been made to the police but there is now a whole documentary covering this scandal. Watch the documentary tonight at 8pm on BBC Three.

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