A Chat With A Class Baby – Nothing Special

a class baby nothing special

A Chat With A Class Baby – Nothing Special


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Sophie (Music in Motion PR) held a press day and I got to catch up with the gorgeous A Class Baby!

A Class Baby has kicked off 2022 strong with brand new visuals for her latest release ‘Nothing Special’. This self-directed video was shot by Joshua Griffiths. The video is a high energy and fun vibe to match with the playful beat which is produced by SSK.

The beat was inspired by the video game SuperMario of which A Class chose the sample specifically from her favourite level of the Nintendo64 game. The prominent use of lots of colour is intended to bring out the fun side of the track and catch the viewers eye. This high energy track with its catchy chorus is sure to get stuck in your head after the first listen.

A chat was well overdue and needed as A Class Baby had spent the last month living her best life in America, enjoying the LA sun, Florida beaches and bringing in the new year with the Miami fireworks #JEL

So what went down in America?

ACB: “I’ve been living my best life! Travelling around America, enjoying the sun, it was needed! I needed a break and to refresh myself and my vibe. I bought a gym costume and started squatting out there! My legs were hurting!

I released my single the day I flew out in December, just the audio and it’s been doing well, everyone’s been running it up, it’s had radio play, it’s been played on BBC Introducing, Jess Iszatt has been supporting me and riding with me, waiting for me, she’s still here supporting me even with this 2 year break.

Sam: I hear you, its been tough for artists, musicians and creatives, everyone can understand that the pandemic has suppressed creativity and has had an effect.

ACB: “yeah definitely, only the real ones will understand that and recognise that, and if they believe in you the will still be here riding with you. Shout out Sophie my good publicist, sticking with me and getting them Westside radio plays, I’ve had a couple jail man approach me because they was listening to me on westside and I’m very happy that the mandem in jail can listen to me!

So tell me about ‘Nothing Special’ ?

ACB: Nothing Special is uplifting and happy, its a vibey song, I don’t really make deep songs, I mean I can make deep meaningful songs but this one was more to create a vibe, keeping it happy and exciting. It’s very much a TikTok song, it’s up tempo and to bring the excitement out.

When was the video released?

ACB: I released it over a week ago on GRM, the vid got around 10k views in under a day I was like WOIIIII. I’m very proud of that. Its doing good!

Sam: That’s amazin girl! I keep seeing the same girl in your videos, I’m sure its your brothers partner that you introduced me to, she has been supporting you like crazy right?

ACB: Yeahh her name is in it this time ‘Stephanie don’t call her hephanie, bitches pree coz they all hate that she’s wifey’ and she got her cameo. Bare girls hate on her because she’s with my brother, girls are angry, trying to fight her, they just make me sick.

Making the video was lit though, it was fun, it was so vibey and lively. It was natural. I hate making music videos where they record you and people are like ok now action and energy! energy! Like what? We should naturally just have the energy why are we going to fake it or force it? I just said everyone get lit and josh make sure you’re rolling! He was like yeah I got you. It was so mash up and it was lit. I don’t like everyone feeling pressure, I like everyone chilling and not giving me stress.

Whats next for 2022?

ACB: This year I’m dropping a single for valentines day, it’s sexy, its a lovers tune, real RnB vibes with an old skool nostalgia feel.

Sam: ‘Nothing Special’ is a vibe with a saucy vid is that the kind of theme you’re continuing with?

ACB: Yeah man, thats my brand, I’m not gonna swing a video with every song though, Im not going to do what I did when I first started music, I am going to put out music now, so people keep can hear my whole vibe and they can understand it, the more music I put out the more people will understand where Im going with this. I’ve got a nice good bubbly happy track that Im gonna drop for summer, probably around April/May and ease off into summer.

I want to keep it fun and to bring the excitement out. I’ve got plenty more of that to come although I’ve still got that dark gritty street side to me there will be some darker stuff coming out too.

Watch the brand new visuals above: A Class Baby – Nothing Special [Music Video] | GRM Daily – YouTube

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Stay safe, do your shit discreetly and take care,

(pun intended)

Sammi xx

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