How To Awaken The Divine Feminine Within You

How To Awaken The Divine Feminine Within You


The Divine Feminine is an energy, which means she can’t be seen or heard, but she can most definitely be felt.

She is sometimes known as Yin energy, Shakti, Kali, or Gaia.

In her truest nature, She is nurturing, motherly energy, and affectionate. Beauty, sensuality, and attraction. Creativity and inspiration in their purest form. Peace and harmony. Abundance and the knowing that the earth will always provide enough. Intuitive and fully open to receive. Empowered within. Honoured and respected. And she is divinely connected to mother earth.

The Divine Feminine within you is wild, free, and untamed. She ignores the unwritten rules and boundaries that society has constructed for her, rises above, and paves her own way. She is unafraid to speak her truth, embrace her sexual nature, and show up fully and authentically. She trusts her intuition, allowing it to guide her. And she lives in the cyclic rhythm of the moon, the seasons, and the wheel. She understands the sacredness of life and trusts that all her needs will be met.

This is your true nature as a woman. And even if this doesn’t resonate with the woman you are today, the Divine Feminine is still there within you, waiting patiently to be embraced.

How To Awaken The Divine Feminine Within You

Awakening the Divine Feminine

Deep down, we all feel an imbalance in our lives. But most of us don’t know what that is or what the solution looks like.

Just like yin and yang, you need two contrasting energies to compliment and complete one another. Many of us, myself included, find ourselves often feeling like we will get left behind if we aren’t working hard constantly, and driving results. It’s the way society is set up unfortunately. But sometimes you can get so caught up in your divine masculine that you forget to nurture the equally important divine feminine as well, and you suffer.

We’ve been fed the belief that more equals better. Exhausting working hours and stress have become normalized. And we’re stuck in our minds, disconnected from our bodies and our emotions.

We’re missing that connection to Her, the Divine Feminine.

Much education is needed to awaken us all to the chaos we create and live in and guide us back to our true nature.

Despite the resistance to change, the Divine Feminine is still rising. She does not care if we are ready for her or if she will be welcomed with open arms. She has been reflecting, learning, and growing in the shadows all this time. That strength is what we are beginning to feel as a collective.

That strength is causing huge disruption to our world, a breakdown of systems, and archaic beliefs turned inside out. It is that strength that is fuelling feminism, equality, empathy, more compassion and rights for animals, ethical and sustainable fashion choices, and practices like meditation and yoga to become mainstream.

Oh yes, she is rising.

Activating the Divine Feminine within you

Regardless of whether we are male or female, we all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy within us. And it is beneficial to draw on these energies within ourselves whenever they serve us. But it is time for those of us who who were born female, to release our resistance to our own gender and begin to embrace and express our feminine essence. Women have been in resistance to the divine feminine within themselves for far too long just like human society has been in resistance to the divine feminine for far too long.

 Our Womanhood is unique. Every woman is a unique expression of the divine feminine. Coming into alignment with the divine feminine within us is not about conforming to an archetypal idea of what divine feminine is or isn’t. It is about releasing the things that disallow our own unique feminine essence from radiating through us. It is about re claiming who we really are.

Here are some tips to help you tap into your own Divine Feminine

Allow yourself to create. Women are natural creators. This is part of why we can create life. When we are out of touch with divine feminine, we do not allow ourselves to create. One of the best ways to awaken your creative energies is to begin to do art. Any kind of art will benefit you as long as you enjoy it. You push forward through boundaries and blocks you may not have even realised where there, when in the midst of creativity.

Collaborate and come together with other women. Come out of isolation. It is profoundly healing if you’ve been in resistance to your own womanhood to gather with other women specifically to focus on healing yourself and each other relative to womanhood.

Explore your sensuality. The divine feminine is known as beauty incarnate. This means it is time to appreciate and celebrate beauty in your life. Does your life reflect sensual pleasure? If not, it is time to re-decorate. Surround yourself in aesthetically pleasing things. Allow yourself to enjoy sensual pleasures whether it is a warm bubble bath or fragrances you like. Surround yourself in colour.

And, it is time to begin exploring your own sexuality. Our bodies should not ever be off limits to us. Get to know yourself intimately. The Divine Feminine will thank you for loving her as you should, in all ways. The path to awakened Shakti (sacred feminine life-force) will nearly always necessitate purification and vibrational ascension of the sexual energy within you. True feminine sexual power is an alchemical, frequency-altering natural force that can influence consciousness on earthly and cosmic levels. When feminine sexuality is in full flow: embodied, accepted, trusted, openly expressed and owned without shame or guilt, divine shifts occur within a woman, her partner, and the entire universe.

Explore, question and heal your ideas and feelings towards motherhood and towards your own mother. It does not matter whether or not you actually want kids; most of us still have unhealthy ideas and feelings about motherhood. Either we are in an unhealthy state of resistance about motherhood, or we feel that it is our only way to have significance and justify our existence. Neither of these ways of being makes us healthy as individuals or as mothers. Your first introduction to the divine feminine is none other than your mother. If you have resistance to your mother, you have resistance to the divine feminine within you. This means that one of the most important parts of the process of coming into your own feminine essence is to examine and heal the relationship between you and your mother.

Get in touch with your intuition. Listen to your emotions. A woman who is run by logic is a woman that is profoundly out of touch with the divine feminine within her. Womanhood is a receptive state of being. Receptivity means taking down those walls that we have built around ourselves. Receptivity is a state of profound openness and part of what comes with that openness is receptivity to that which is beyond the physical dimension.

Try meditations that are aimed specifically at connecting to the divine feminine. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You can invent your own if you like, and hundreds of these meditations can be found on line. Guided meditations are effective and a lot of people have great ideas about how to connect with your divine feminine essence.

Embrace your body. Our culture is at war with the female body. As a result, we are at war with our bodies. Divine feminine expresses itself physically in unique ways. If you are resisting the parts of your body that make you female, you are resisting the divine feminine.

We need to be willing to heal our negative emotions relative to anything we identify as female to set the femininity within us free. Divine feminine does not need to be cultivated or created within us as women. It is us. It is the essence of our choice to come into this life as women. And so, it is an ever-present energy that is always there. It is merely obscured by our thoughts and actions. If we begin to clear our minds and lives of the things that are obscuring that essence, it will immediately shine through on its own. It is exhausting suppressing the essence of who we are. And so, it is time to quit suppressing it. It is time to embrace it and let it shine.

Stay safe, stay divine and take care,

Sammi xx

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