A Chat With Brenda Shankey ‘Create Your Best Self’

A chat with Brenda Shankey 'Create Your Best Self'

A Chat With Brenda Shankey ‘Create Your Best Self’


Mindset success coach, Brenda Shankey works predominantly in London’s West End coaching performers, singers, dancers and actors covering everything from confidence building, dealing with stage nerves and loss of voice, forgetting lines, insomnia, learning to relax, mental health and injury recovery.

Brenda works full time with The Urdang students on performance mindset training, coaching them on overcoming old habits, fears and emotions, and building resilience and positive futures. When not at Urdang, Brenda runs meditation classes in London and Belfast for both kids and adults. With Brenda’s specialism in Children’s mindfulness her extensive career has seen her working with 5-12 year olds from primary schools to specific one to one coaching. As well as her mindfulness coaching, she is a published author and was named Business Woman of the Year 2012. She won an Outstanding Contribution award from Princess Ann for 5 years charity work for Save the Children and was also the chair of Ballyhackamore Business Association for 6 years!

Brenda spoke to me about her new book ‘Create Your Best Self’ she shared her journey and her battles that ultimately led to this amazing guide on acceptance of the dark, finding love within and how to understand and cope with ‘you’ alongside some meditation work.

In my journey to finding happiness I encountered a lot of pain. I had no idea that for a long time in my journey I did not know how to live. It was only in true suffering did I look for an easier way. I knew life had to be easier, I knew no human should suffer this much and I looked at the world and shouted loudly I just want to be happy! Please show me the way.
In that moment of surrender something profound happened… I stopped fighting. I gave up on the person I was, and I started to search for who I really was. No mask, no fakeness, no pretending, no bullshit, no trying to impress everyone, I just wanted to be me. Unapologetically me! Free, happy, joyful, innocent, in love with me! Was that too much to ask, was I in there, was I possible?
Somewhere deep in my soul I knew there was this powerful human just wanting to know how to be!

Purchase ‘Create Your Best Self’ here.

This book is a short version of some of the ways that changed my life, the things I learned, the things I had to unlearn, and the beauty that lies within self discovery.

If I can honestly give you my greatest wisdom it is this… never be afraid of who you are, you have so much power, beauty and intelligence that if you could only scratch the surface, you will find absolute abundance in the wealth of your humanness. We are all such powerful individuals, our uniqueness is incredible, all we have got to do is tap into that power, find out who we truly are and create a life of purpose that inspires and motivates us to get up every day and be our absolute best selves! There only is one version of you so let’s get stuck in and design your greatness that you know you want the world to see!

I hope you can all take away something that will aid you on your personal journeys.

Brenda – Thank you for your truth, time, love and light – it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you, stay fabulous! ❤️

Create your best self brenda shankey

Stay safe, be your best you, and take care,

Sammi xx

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