A Chat With Islington Makeup Artist

A Chat With Islington Makeup Artist

A Chat With Islington Makeup Artist


I spoke with local business owner Georgie about the birth of Islington Makeup Artist, her journey so far including the transition from one room to a whole beauty shop, the ups and downs and what makes her team the ABSOLUTE BEST!

An inspiring story of a lovely local business owner in Islington.

Special Thank You to Georgie for allowing me to pull this together and trusting me, I knew there was something special inside you with a lot of depth that everyone needed to see! – Thank you to all the ladies at Islington Makeup Artist for being amazing and being on board to participate and help out, Jess you captured the video perfectly! Billy, you got the money shot, literally! And Fibz, you did the damn thing with the wings – Love and Light to you all!!



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Stay safe, respect your beauty tech’s and take care,

Sammi xx

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