Laki Kane Cocktail Bar & Thai Restaurant Islington

Laki Kane Cocktail Bar & Thai Restaurant Islington

Laki Kane Cocktail Bar & Thai Restaurant Islington


The Cocktail Making Class was a brilliant experience!

I absolutely loved my visit to this Tiki/Caribbean themed bar. The vibes were 10/10! 

I love cocktails and had wanted to go to a class for ages so I was over the moon to be able to come and experience this courtesy of Red Letter Days with my bestie! 

*Pours Prosecco Stylishly*

Our table was set up with all the drinks, ingredients, glasses and teaching cards ready for us to dive straight in. Initially I didn’t realise it was tailored towards couples as a ‘romantic evening’ but that didn’t stop me and my bestie from learning and laughing, in fact, I think it added to the fun. 

We drank pink prosecco and created a spiced rum cocktail that was AMAZING! 

If like me, you are new to cocktail making Laki Kane is the best place to start. The whole experience is newbie friendly and the vibe here is unlike any other on Upper Street. 

Staff were incredible, so welcoming and friendly, they provide a very helpful service – literally just had to push a button when we got a bit stuck with our step by step cocktail making cards and staff were right there to give us a hand.

Thank you to Red Letter Days and the team at Laki Kane – music was on point, the drinks were great and I loved the buzzing tropical vibe! 

I will definitely be visiting again 🙂

Book the same experience I had here.

For more photo’s of what went down at Laki Kane, check out my Google Local Guide review here.

Stay safe, drink responsibly and take care,

Sammi xx

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