Why Do Men Like Feet? Like, Really, Like Feet?

Why Do Men Like Feet?

Why Do Men Like Feet? Like, Really, Like Feet?


To the ladies – your feet may be one of the most insignificant parts of your body, but to a man it can be the first thing they see when you step into the room. A foot lover or fetishist is someone who gets turned on by the sight of feet. Many people can’t seem to wrap their heads around it, but hey, the body wants what it wants right?

While it’s not only guys that experience this type of attraction, it is significantly more common among them. The love for feet has gained names like foot fetishism or podophilia by psychologists. It is one of the most common and widely acceptable sexual fetishes. 

I live in London in big 2021, nearly 2022 and literally no one will even bat an eyelid at someone having a foot fetish, we are very diverse and open over here, but why this particular part of the body is exciting is a question. A very valid one I reckon.

So, here are some reasons why I think men find feet exciting, feel free to debate with me in the comments I’m open.

Why Do Men Like Feet?
  1. A female’s feet can be seen as a sexual cue. The person might use his imagination to imagine further sexual things related to the feet, and as a result, the person might like them.
  2. Bare feet can usually be seen during sex, they can remind a person of sex or motivate them to think about sex.
  3. The brain is wired to like them. According to many psychologists, the male brain is actually wired to get attracted to feet. The level of attraction, however, differs from one man to another.
  4. A small foot looks more feminine – According to research, men tend to like women with smaller feet as they seem more feminine. Seeing small feet might thus trigger a man’s sexual desire. – Not sure where to find the evidence to back this claim but seems like a fair assumption.
  5. In some cases, a man could just have a certain fetish or an intense and unusual attraction to women’s feet.
  6. The feet can be seen when a woman is nude or wearing a swimsuit. These associations can make some men find their feet more attractive as they remind them of those lesser clothed situations.
  7. Positive childhood memories – According to one theory, the positive childhood memories a child had when he was near his mother’s feet could have made feet a symbol of safety and security.
  8. Some research says that the smell of feet can be arousing to some men. This can act like natural pheromones.
  9. According to one theory, the natural curves of a woman’s feet can make them sexually arousing to men.
  10. Women care about their feet, women usually care about making their feet beautiful, unlike men, so men find them attractive.
  11. The neurons responsible for the sensations we get in the feet are close to the neurons responsible for sexual areas in the brain. Kind of makes sense this link makes feet more erotic.
  12. As the foot is connected to the leg, it can make men think more about the leg and, as a result, finds both the leg and the feet attractive.
  13. Men are wired to look for fertile women. Healthy-looking feminine feet can give a man an indication that a woman is fertile.

For someone who isn’t into feet, this fetish can be really weird. Many women can even find it to be outright gross.

But if you’ve been wondering why guys like feet, trust me when I say you’re not alone. Anyone who’s been with a foot fetishist probably wonders the same thing. I know I did. When I dated a guy who was seriously into feet, I asked him what it was that turned him on. After all, feet aren’t a very sexual part of the body and he insisted on taking my foot out of my high heel at a bar on our first date.

A little bit weird, a little bit kinky, a little bit nice… I think it was the confidence for me.

The answer I received was, “I don’t know. I just do.”

If you ask most men, they won’t know the answer.

Hopefully this list of possible reasons can give you some indication.

Stay safe, keep your toes sexy and take care,

Sammi xx

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9 thoughts on “Why Do Men Like Feet? Like, Really, Like Feet?

  1. Hi Sam
    I definitely say that one of the many reasons you will see why men love feet /toes is because ‘ a well looked after set of plates can tell alot about a lady .

    If the lady has pedicures throughout winter and she knows her feet are not going to be out for all to see ‘ that’s a sign of class and a woman who looks after her lady garden and will be clean .

    You wanted a reason I gave it lol

    Nice one Sam ❤️

  2. Hi Sam,

    to me points 9 and 10 are the only ones in your list i can relate with. Also Gary’s point in previous comment is quite accurate imho.

    I’ve always been literally obsessed by female feet, to the point i can’t even have a satisfying sexual relation with a woman with feet that i don’t like. I’m ok with this, everyone deals with his own fetishes, hopefully in a peaceful way.

    I just wanted to add one point which i think is missing from your list:

    We live in an era of cult of body, an era in which anybody can alter his appearance with surgery or with any sort of makeup, making it look more appealing. In this scenario feet (and hands) are usually the only ‘genuine’ part of our aesthetics, you can’t counterfeit either hands or feet. Those are usually tight to genetics and ‘genuine’ beauty. You’re born with nice feet\hands, there’s no way you can trick me 🙂

  3. To me the feet worship goes all the way back to Biblical times. Feet were always worshiped. To me it’s like if a woman can’t take care of her feet, what else does she not take care of? I love to sleep with my girlfriend’s feet on my face. I’ve had girlfriend’s that said they hated their feet touched and after I was done would always were what I call feet shoes so I could rub them during dinner at a restaurant. Why do you think for hundreds of years showing feet was considered PORN? If you look at porn books that the Civil War SOLDIERS carried around you would see the majority of pictures were of girls showing their feet.

  4. Just came across this after doing some googling shortly after seeing my wife’s feet after a few weeks of socks (it’s been cold lol).

    A comment I read earlier was something along the lines of not being able to have a satisfying sexual experience unless you like the feet of the woman – this absolutely resonates with me.

    When first dating my now wife of 10 years I was absolutely pleased on our first date when I confirmed that her feet were high quality.

    For me, I’ve known I’ve had a thing for feet since I was about 6 years old. I’m not sure why but I recall looking at my mother’s and my school teachers feet when I was very young, which aligns with Sigmund’s theory. I grew up in a tropical area where flip flops (in Australia we call them thongs) or bare feet was standard so I was natural exposed to feet all the time.

    One of the joys and/or rollercoasters of my foot fetish is the ‘hunt’. For example: a new pretty looking colleague is wearing heels and after weeks of waiting she finally kicks them off at her desk and boom! If they are appealing I will take looks convertly to analyse the details – big toe longer than 2nd toe? Polish? Clean? Well kept? If it’s tick tick tick she is now my favourite colleague and I start making up (unrealistic) sexual fantasies about her and her feet… and to be honest, I start treating her a lot nicer than the other female/s around the office with gross, unkept feet that turn me off big time.

    Another thing is just subconsciously hunting in regular life. Like at the shopping mall where women are walking by with exposed feet will catche my eye immediately.. most of the time it’s breif look due to disappointment and disgust, but when I see the nice ones it’s like a little rush of pure joy and excitement.

    It kind of makes my day when I get to see a nice sexy pair of feet. Alternatively, it is absolutely devestating when a very pretty girl has ugly and unkept feet. They could be a 10/10 hottie with the face, body, etc… But I will dismiss them everytime because of their unattractive feet.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share some insight of my experience as a guy with a foot fetish.

    I don’t expect this to come across kindly but my advice to women who are looking to increase your chances of attracting men is to take care of your feet and make them as nice as possible – after all it’s the most common kink and I reckon at least 40% of men will judge you on your feet.

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