The Salty Rim Co. – Exceptional Embellishments

The Salty Rim Co. - Exceptional Embellishments

The Salty Rim Co. – Exceptional Embellishments


About The Salty Rim co.

The Salty Rim Co. was founded on a history of owning bars and hotels, a love of cocktails, the delight in entertaining and creating tasty, colourful drinks using only the finest quality ingredients.

A family business through and through consisting of husband and wife team, Victoria & David, and their two daughters, Scarlett & Violet.

The Salty Rim Co. - Exceptional Embellishments

Victoria had reached out to me and kindly sent me a sample of the Santa Baby festive sugar. With Christmas bringing everyone together, it was the perfect time for me to elevate my cocktail game in a super easy way!

As an at-home drink maker with a desire to become a master mixologist (ok, maybe not a master mixologist, but a slightly impressive cocktail maker) this was the perfect way to ease in. I won’t try to learn all the bartender tricks. But learning how to rim a cocktail glass is super easy. And once you know how, you can get super creative with The Salty Rim Co and do it whenever you want or need to.


There are many reasons to rim a cocktail glass.

Sometimes it adds to the flavour of a drink. Sometimes it just looks pretty. Sometimes it’s the detail that takes an average drink over the top.

I think we can all agree it’s the perfect finishing touch for any drink right?

I had a funny time trying to make my own cocktails! The cocktails themselves were drinkable but questionable. However The Salty Rim Co. – Santa Baby sugar rim embellishment was lovely, looked amazing and my mates were SERIOUSLY impressed.

I will definitely be investing in my cocktail career, I’ve learnt that you probably shouldn’t put Prosecco in a shaker and it’s best to use juice rather than a fizzy drink. Once again I tried it so you don’t have to!

Like Will Smith said… “Fail early, fail often, fail forward,” so I can only get better at making them right?

Luckily for the purpose of your entertainment, I caught the exact moment the shaker went tits up. You can watch it here…

There are a variety of tasty rim embellishments to try so check out The Salty Rim Co. on Instagram here! There are also some amazing cocktail recipes on their website which I probably should’ve looked at before deciding I was just going to mix and then boom – The perfect cocktail that was nowhere near perfect. I will definitely be moving forward under the instructions of The Salty Rim Co. for my next attempt.

Stay safe, rim that glass girl and drink responsibly,

Sammi xx

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