The Matrix Resurrections – Déjà Vu

The Matrix Resurrections - Will We Get The Answers?

The Matrix Resurrections – Déjà Vu


*Rewinds to the last Matrix movie in 2003 to prepare for the resurrections* – Yes 2003!

Can you believe it has been that long since we’ve had a Matrix movie? If you’re part of ‘woke gang‘ you’ll know how important it is for such a movie to exist, even more so, how risky it is. The film’s actors, director, and part of the production team have spoken in-depth about the film and the risks associated with making it. According to stunt coordinator Scott Rogers, Lana Wachowski believed that the film was a leap of faith. However, Reeves had more confidence, saying he had “a lot of faith in that leap.” Part of the risks associated with the film was in its complex plot and overall theory of the story with reports that the film examines the reasoning behind returning to The Matrix, both in real life and on-screen.

Let’s go deep for a sec and put the mainstream narrative aside… Explore this with me:

Can the matrix be real?

The Matrix can be said to exist in a number of ways.

Ever heard of hypernormalisation?

Modern day society is filled with phoney people and politicians who constantly lie and deceive, people who do nothing but watch mindless TV shows and talk about trivial things, people who are unaware of the constant barrage of information telling them to consume, people who never question the actions of their governments or never bother to research into really what it is they’re doing and why they go to wars and do what they do. This list could go on all day, yet we never really think any of this is odd or wrong…

Why is that? Because we are hyper-normalised. 

Any outsider to society would sense and pick up on all these things and see just how abnormal and often sick our society is, yet we are so normalised to it we don’t realise how strange it is at all. We could be living in a Matrix and this is a sort of matrix, one that people often think is the metaphorical meaning behind the matrix movies. The matrix can be seen to be the blanket of normalisation covering our eyes so we cannot see the abnormal and messed up society that lies right in front of us. Escaping the matrix could be seen to be comparable to a sort of societal awakening.

The Matrix Resurrections – Déjà Vu

So, hear me out.

We are in 2021 about to transition into 2022, on the spiritual side of things we are in the Age of Aquarius which is known to astrologers and spiritualists all over the globe to the sun, moon and back again as a period of great awakening and realisation of wider truths and consciousness. We are battling a division in society between believers and non believers of Covid-19 and then whoop there it is… A brand new Matrix movie, with reports that almost everyone involved in the making of it was at risk in one way or another.

There is a great possibility that The Matrix is a real thing. Scientist’s have found computer codes in the cosmos, quantum physics says that there is a cut off of energy in space like we’re in a box (or you could use The Simpson’s analogy of being in a dome – weirdly related to the pandemic also…), the world can be explained in mathematics through algebraic theory, and there was an idea called the “experience machine” thought up years ago. Oh and let’s just throw the phenomena of Deja Vu in there – Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? The mainstream narrative is to brush it aside as something unexplainable and never really get’s looked at in depth… But The Matrix already told us “Déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix”

I am not here writing this to preach that everyone should believe what I believe, however, I do believe it is a personal mission of mine to just have the conversations and get people thinking and questioning the norm… or hyper norm.

So if you answered yes to experiencing Deja Vu, you have experienced something that is typically classed as unexplainable or abnormal. The Matrix however, does have an explanation, a theory, a movie and a following, so with all that does it not make more sense for this to be believed in rather than shunned?

Anyway, enough of that, otherwise I’ll end up writing a book – With “The Matrix: Resurrections” fast approaching, here is every major detail I know about the fourth instalment so far.

The Matrix 4 plot will put us about 60 years after the events of Matrix RevolutionsFor many of the humans living outside the computer program, a literal lifetime has passed. But, of course, the Matrix has been rebooted, something we knew at the end of Revolutions. In this new timeline, there have been significant changes from the world we last left. Not all are still alive and the “world” has a divergent feel from the one Neo first entered all those years ago. 

The latest clip begins with Keanu Reeves’ character Neo noticing a black cat, referencing the déjà vu glitch first explored in the hotel ambush scene in the first Matrix film.

“Déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix,”

As the trailer continues, various scenes from the new film are overlapped with shots from the original three films, such as framing Neo’s awakening from the Matrix as both a “blue pill” and “red pill” moment.

This new instalment is directed by Lana Wachowski, who has helmed every film in the franchise alongside sister Lilly. Lilly recently opened up about why she chose not to return for this next entry, stating she “needed time away from this industry”.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Lambert Wilson and Daniel Bernhardt all reprise their roles for The Matrix Resurrections, with newcomers including Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Christina Ricci and Telma Hopkins.

There’s a confusing scene in one recent Matrix Resurrections trailer where Neo and Trinity are watching a TV that shows the two of them causing a helicopter crash. The franchise has heavily dealt with the idea of reality, what constitutes it, general awareness, and deeply meta, philosophical themes in its past three instalments. However, this moment goes beyond meta: it completely obliterates the film’s fourth wall. At this point, it can’t be said whether or not the scene is actually a part of the film or just an enticing way to make fans scratch their heads.

Many fans had voiced discontent with what they perceived as a lack of answers to lingering questions about the universe within the sequels of the first Matrix movie, hopefully us truth seekers will find some contentment within this next one.

The Matrix Resurrections will be released in UK cinemas on December 22, 2021. In the US, it will also be released on HBO Max the same day.

Stay safe, do your research and take care,

Sammi xx

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