Why I’m not satisfied with how ‘YOU’ Season 3 Ended

Why I'm not satisfied with how 'YOU' Season 3 Ended

Why I’m not satisfied with how ‘YOU’ Season 3 Ended


Joe is incredibly good looking, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sexier psychopath. 

The Netflix serial killer series proved to be as insane as ever for its third instalment, with Joe (Penn Badgley) finding his perfect match in Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). 

But, seeing as Love is just as unhinged as him, a perfect match and happy ending was definitely not on the cards. 

Things were never going to end well – but season three threw in some seriously twisted moments right til the very end. 

So, throughout You season 3, we see that Joe and Love’s marriage is, essentially, built on violence and lies. 

Bonded by their baby Henry, they are hanging on by a thread to make things work, hiding their true selves behind a white picket fence and perfectly mowed lawn.

Why I'm not satisfied with how 'YOU' Season 3 Ended

You season 3: The final showdown and why I’m just not satisfied.

Deciding to kill her husband ‘after everything she’s done for him’ (which on this season alone includes a body count of two and shoving their Instagram-loving friends in a holding cell at her bakery), Love goes for his throat. 

Only, he’s a little ahead of her, having spotted the poisonous plants and giving himself adrenaline to counteract it before it could fully take effect. 

Injecting her, he deliberately makes her overdose. With one last monologue, Love is dead. 

He then sets the scene to make it look like she had killed him, even cutting off his toes and shoving them in a pie for effect (EWWWW… A for effort though.)

Creating a suicide letter on her behalf, he then burns his house to the ground, leaving his old life behind. 

In one final act of kindness, he leaves son Henry for a better life with two neighbours, Dante and Lensing, who had been desperate to adopt. 

With Love taking the fall for all of her crimes and Joe nowhere to be seen, the town assume he’s dead. 

Whilst I did enjoy season 3, the ending bothered me. Like, really bothered me.

I don’t know if it’s because I am a female but all season long, I had hoped that we would see through this season without killing Love Quinn. Love is a brilliant character, one I’ve grew too ironically love, played expertly by Pedretti, and while she’s a murderer like Joe, her reasons for doing so are more nuanced than his singular love/lust obsession, Love Quinn is generally a more well-rounded character. In a series full of generally awful people, I found myself rooting for Love Quinn, desperate to see her outwit Joe, I wanted her to humiliate him, release all of her psychotic ways, and then…make it out alive.

In the end though, Joe manages to get the better of her. It seemed clear that it was going to come down to one of them killing the other but, I am just not satisfied that this was the ending. Love had shown she was extremely smart, I can’t accept that her character hadn’t been 5 steps ahead of Joe and ultimately she was outwitted and left for dead.

As the series went on I kind of got sick of Joe and his motivations. The way he attaches himself to literally any attractive woman he comes in contact with that has a bit of vulnerability just gets old? I liked his pursuit of Marianne, I mean it wasn’t a shock or exciting but it did interest me to how he would have ended up killing her or if Love would play god with her life. (She didn’t, which actually adds another great dimension to Love, making me love her even more). Love, to me, is a more complex character and I had hoped to have her around for longer.

What did you think of the ending of ‘You season 3’, did it live up to your expectations?

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9 thoughts on “Why I’m not satisfied with how ‘YOU’ Season 3 Ended

  1. I understand where you’re coming from. Love’s character was unique but I guess you could say he outwitted her due to her emotions (plus they need to push the show forward lol). Who knows maybe there’s a twist and she’s not really dead.

    1. As much as it annoys me I think you’re right, she was definitely outwitted because of her emotions! I’m hoping she isn’t really dead but I guess we will just have to wait and see lol

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