Do games like Squid Game actually exist in real life?

Squid Game Season 2: CONFIRMED

Do games like Squid Game actually exist in real life?


Let’s see the possibilities of a real life Squid Game:-

A building made in a remote island for playing Squid Game or games of similar interest?

Yes this is possible. You can find tons of people living in a remote island which is almost abandoned. And that’s what criminals do, they find a secret spot for all the crimes and don’t get noticed easily.

Kidnapping participants at midnight?

It is possible. Putting them in a van and spraying chloroform can take place and then they can quietly take them to the destination, but it’s still a bit risky since it is illegal and there are always people observing things.

Green Light, Red Light doll?

Since AI is almost a normal thing in our generation, that doll can be created and it is possible to put sensors in the eyes to detect a moving object. Could you imagine playing British Bulldog?

The Games?

Well it is possible in my opinion. None of the games consisted of any sort of magic that makes it impossible to take place in real life with humans.

Do games like Squid Game actually exist in real life?

Changing clothes?

So as we know, when they were kidnapped, the staff change the players clothes into their uniform with their number before they wake up. Honestly, it is possible if the squid game, game masters have used scientific management to have staff wash and redress 456 players in a manner that is similar to how an Ipad is assembled, believe me it can be done.

Watch this.

The masked staff

Anyone can buy a mask and boiler suit to disguise themselves from being recognised in organised crime.

The ‘slapper’

For those of you that don’t know, the slapper is Gong Yoo – the person who invited the people to participate in the game but before they received their mysterious invitation card he played a game with them in which he slapped them every time he won, but when the people won gave them the money along with the invitation card.

This guy had all the information about those people including what their financial status was, information about their family etc. He always found them in the metro station and had clearly marked them before their initial meeting. I live in London where we were all taught about the famous Sherlock Holmes and to be honest you can hire a private detective from Google so it would be very NAIIVE to think this couldn’t and doesn’t happen in real life.

The event taking place secretly

Well, it’s a VERY risky thing to do, but it’s not uncommon. There are chances that these people could be caught, on the Squid Game basis there were at least 456 people missing for a while, so some of their family members would have contacted the police. But as we learnt, the police were aware and turning blind eyes, so, even though what was supposed to be a ‘secret event’ was brought to light, the police then swept it back under the carpet.

Overall, Squid Game is really quite possible. The sets were pretty fancy and it looked like the sets were more expensive than the reward money. For a while I believed that our dear friend Seong Gi-hun would have played the worst game in his life, won and been knocked off the ship. But luckily he prevailed and won what was rightly his. If this was happening in real life and someone approached me, I’d be very wary and expect to be brown bread before I see millions of pounds.

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