Why do people on Pinterest hate Ed Sheeran?

Why do people on Pinterest hate Ed Sheeran?

Why do people on Pinterest hate Ed Sheeran?


Seriously, why does everyone hate Ed Sheeran? For the amount of love the English musician receives, he gets just as much disdain on the back end. Over the years he’s received his fair share of angry letters, scathing internet comments, and even a death threat or two. Does he really deserve all of the backlash?

First and foremost, we have to separate those that just don’t like his music from those who genuinely hate him for a myriad of other superficial reasons. If you don’t like his music, fair enough. Different strokes for different folks. But if you have to actively search for other reasons to bully him, to what end? Musical taste is a spectrum, one that’s unique to each person. If people can like Nickelback, then anything is possible.

Why do people on Pinterest hate Ed Sheeran?

Grunge-rock aside, Sheeran’s discography can be considered fairly run-of-the-mill. With chart-topping songs like Thinking Out LoudShape of You, and Photograph, the entertainer does very little to separate himself from the pop tropes that bog down many artists today. Still, there’s no denying the songs’ replayability. One New Zealand journalist even listened to every Ed Sheeran song ever produced to decide once and for all why Sheeran is such a divisive artist. That article can be found here.

He is known far and wide as the music industry’s resident “nice guy” and does little to sully that image. Sheeran is a happily married father of one and even moved back to his home town of Halifax to raise his daughter where he grew up. What frustrates people is that he really doesn’t act like he’s famous. He lives privately and modestly with his family, appearing every so often when a new song or album gets released from his multi-million dollar empire. Check out this great article proving once and for all how down-to-earth Sheeran really is.

Is it his inoffensiveness that makes him offensive?

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