6 Winter Makeup Trends Worth Trying

6 Winter Makeup Trends Worth Trying

6 Winter Makeup Trends Worth Trying


When the temperature starts to drop, you can guarantee two things will happen: our lipstick shades get deeper and our skin-care formulas will get richer to accommodate for the drier climate, but aside from that, it’s always a gamble as to what beauty trends will come out on top.

Much of the season is dominated by the holidays – it influences our nail art, our hair accessories, and our makeup choices – but after the holidays are all said and done, a select few trends stick around to carry us through the duration of the season.

Predictions for makeup trends this winter are again very ’90s and Y2K inspired, as we have seen across the last few seasons this year. You can expect lots of glitter, graphic eyeliner, and rosy blush to make an appearance, but that’s only the beginning. Keep scrolling to read about the top winter makeup trends worth trying this festive season.

Graphic Liner

Graphic liner has been a favourite makeup trend for the last two years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. There are countless ways you can wear graphic liner, you can use colourful liner in the inner corner of the eyes creating a V-shape, or a traditional winged line but coming out far from the inner corner of the eye to create a cat-like effect.

Sound a little too complicated for you? Another option is just a thick bottom lash line. The “reverse” eyeliner trend is easy enough for makeup beginners like myself.

Glitter Accents

“That’s too much Glitter” Said no-one ever.

Fun accents like glitter, pearls and face jewels have continuously made an appearance on the red carpet. For that reason, you’re going to see a lot of glitter accents this winter. This trend can either be for the face or the eyes and is super wearable for anyone. You can really let your personality shine through with glitter and shimmer eyeshadows, play it up how you want. Subtle or intense; there are no rules here.

Soft Matte Skin

Summer is all about the dew but this winter, you’ll see more soft matte skin. It’s fairly common with winter makeup trends to have less dew or sheen to the skin, but we makeup artist’s everywhere are taking it to the next level this season by adding a lot of structure to the face. Think ’90s supermodel skin when you see a good carved out cheek and rosy pink blush.The way to achieve skin that’s matte but not dry, is to use a good powder. A great rich moisturiser is key for this look to you keep your makeup looking smooth and comfortable on the skin. To take the soft matte finish to the next level and lock in your makeup for long wear a great tip is to spray your setting spray on to your foundation brush with foundation on it.

Pops of Blush

Many of us love blush for warming up our cheeks and adding a nice flush of colour to our complexion, but have you ever tried using blush under your eyes? Using the same blush on your eyes as on your cheeks can give you a great monochromatic makeup or a beautiful everyday look depending on the colour and intensity you choose. Brighter pops of blush work really well on deeper skin tones while brown earthy tones are a slam dunk for fair complexions. A great tip for the perfect blush combo is to use a matte, shimmer-free powder blush as this will prevent accentuating any texture or creases under the eyes. This technique lifts the apples of your cheeks and gives your makeup a “flirty” look.

Sleek, Lifted Eyebrows

I know what you’re thinking: never again will you go back to the over plucked, stick-thin brows you had in the ’90s, but have no fear. This is not a thin brow, this is a sleek and sharp brow. This is a more realistic and softer approach to a defined, sculpted brow. The thinner and sleeker brow style that you’re going to see this winter has a very minimal arch and lifts your entire face. To get the look, it is recommended you fill in your brows with a pencil or brow pen from the top. Don’t fill in or darken the base of your brow, as this will only bring the appearance of your brow down.

Over-Lined Lips

TikTok has seen its fair share of lip lining hacks with tips and tricks, but plumping foresees a new way of over-lining lips in our future. According to beauty experts, we’ll see fewer people using lip liner in the centre of their lips, which creates a “doll-like” effect. This trend will always and forever be a favourite for me, but again, with this winter, we are going to see a very heavy ’90s/Y2K influence, so that means fuller outer lips. It’s no secret that liner is the trick to creating the illusion of fuller lips. In fact, using a lip pencil to overline your lips is a classic hack, dating back to Clara Bow in the ’20s and seen again on runways (and on celebs everywhere) in the ’90s. To create the look, you want to focus on over-lining the outer corners of your upper lip, then follow your natural lip line across. When you get to the middle of the lip, once you have reached the cupid’s bow, just round out the top of the lip by connecting the two peaks of your cupid’s bow. With the bottom [lip], you want to underline the outer corners because you want your top lip to be heavier than your bottom.

Stay safe, line that lip & take care,

Sammi xx

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