Netflix & Bounce held an exclusive event holding a Luxury screening at The MayFair Hotel with a champagne reception!

To celebrate the release of The Harder They Fall directed by Jeymes Samuel, Bounce teamed up with Netflix to host a luxury screening at The Mayfair Hotel.

I met up with my good friend THE LORD iamlordrjb for this special screening of one of 2021’s boldest films!

I was greeted with a glass of champagne when I walked into The Crystal Room, this exclusive room is considered one of the most stunning rooms in London, found at The May Fair Hotel. Designed with sweeping dimensions, a discreet exclusive entrance and its own private bar.

Headed into the cinema, took a seat and started picking at the complimentary popcorn (is it just me or does anyone else have to fight the urge to finish their popcorn before the film starts?)

The Harder They Fall is about two gangs of people almost entirely inured to violence and fear: one is led by Nat Love, who bears a cross cut into his forehead by the villain who killed his mum and dad in front of him when he was just a kid – and he’s out for revenge.

“The Harder They Fall aims to be as realistic a depiction of life for Black people in the West as Moulin Rouge is of Victorian sex work, Samuel’s lens is unashamedly modern, colourful and cool. It is an imperfect but wonderfully fun debut that’s a welcome respite from white supremacy on and off the screen.”


I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of western cowboy films but I had seen this movie plastered all over my socials and I’m a big Idris fan so I was definitely going to watch it at some point. Luckily Rowan gave me the drop to see it sooner rather than later.

The Harder They Fall is an ultra-violent, cowboy shoot out. The old-school cowboy genre has been resurrected through this latest Netflix film. The commentary on racial issues throughout the film is acknowledged subtly and at times humorous, that’s not to say I take racism lightly, just worth noting it was portrayed in a way that made me thankful for the diverse London that I live in. The Harder They Fall has a banging soundtrack featuring a variety of artists, including a collaboration between JAY-Z and Kid Cudi. The soundtrack was so on point, it was great music throughout the whole movie. I looked around at one point and just saw heads vibing!

The acting was brilliant, the casting was amazing, Idris does cowboy very well! I really enjoyed watching Regina King as the bad ass Treacherous Trudie. I fell head over heels watching the relationship between Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) and Mary Fields (Zazie Beetz) unfold. Alongside all the jumpiness of shots fired, it seemed to be revealed that Mary could well have been the most important member of the Nat Love gang.

The Harder They Fall will be available to watch on Netflix worldwide: 

Wednesday November 3, 2021!

Stay safe, put your phone on silent in the cinema and take care,

Sammi xx

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