A Dating fail: ‘Princess Treatment’

A Dating fail: 'Princess Treatment'

A Dating fail: ‘Princess Treatment’



I finally took myself out of my comfort zone and went on a date.

A Dating fail: 'Princess Treatment'
En route – obligatory uber selfie.

After meeting a guy a few weeks back, who had the potential to be a fun date and seemed like a decent bloke, we had shared interests in creativity, marketing and good food!

We spoke a few times and I eventually agreed to a date after he had shown keen interest and wanted to take me out and “treat me like a princess!”

Tuesday evening came and I met him at Burger & Lobster in Dean Street. We had the normal chat about work, lifestyle, home life and future expectations while drinking champagne. This part of the date was going quite well, I found him quite easy to talk to and interesting but something in my gut was going ‘nah’

He was talking about money a bit too much for my liking and kept stating “he was a gentleman, wanted to treat me like a princess and I didn’t have to worry about money while I was with him”

We ordered food and I really enjoyed the Lobster roll, a few more glasses of champagne and then oysters to finish.

A Dating fail: 'Princess Treatment'
Lobster Roll with fries and salad

Then came the money jokes… That weren’t jokes clearly…

“you got your credit card babe? Hahahaha”

“I’ve only got cash so if they only take card, dinners on you! Hahaha only joking babe”

This should have been enough for me to just up and leave but the bill came, he pulled the receipt from the wallet and put it in front of my face, basically touching my nose and went “That’s a bit expensive”


So I asked if we should split the bill and this ‘gentleman’ that wanted to ‘treat me like a princess’ and had told me ‘not to worry about money’ accepted my offer and let me pay half.

I couldn’t hide my facial expression, he must have been able to tell I was disgusted and unimpressed as he kept asking if I would see him again… It was my turn to spin some bs. I said “yeah I’d love to, i’ll text you when I get home.”

I was embarrassed and thought to myself “See Sam, this is why we don’t date, because guys like this want to give it the biggun and end up being Billy the Bullshitter… What was the point?”

How ungentlemanly?

I honestly wouldn’t have minded paying half if it wasn’t for all the bullshit and I’d been super interested.

Unfortunately I wasn’t that keen, and not happy to halve the bill so here we are with a story of me being fed bullshit with a side of lobster.

Turned out to be a complete waste of my Tuesday evening, waste of my Il Makiage foundation and a waste of a good date night outfit… *sigh*

Ladies, have you had a dating experience like this?

Would you have felt the same way?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and dating fails!

Stay safe, avoid the BS & take care,

Sammi xx

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