The most terrible pick up lines ever

The most terrible pick up lines ever unimpressed chloe


The most terrible pick up lines ever

Introducing yourself to someone new is always scary, whether you’re on an app or in-person, since the possibility of rejection is part of the deal. Some people might have missed human contact a bit too much, but it’s no excuse to spout tasteless pick up lines. To give you a break from all the serious things in life, I have collected a whole bunch of pickup attempts that are so awful, they need to be abolished from the dating world. Have a laugh and take some notes on what NOT to say to a girl in a bar, on a dating app, or on the street.

This post is actually inspired by walking through the park with my sister a couple of days ago when a Bobby Beale lookalike proceeded to shout at her “Do you work at Subway? Coz you’ve give me a footlong.”

The most terrible pick up lines ever

UNIMPRESSED is an understatement, poor boy, if you could’ve seen our faces…

The most terrible pick up lines ever

Seriously, some of these pick up lines make absolutely no sense, or do they? Would you look stupid saying it? It’s a pickup line right, or a piss off line? Are you looking to get into someone’s pants or do you want them to stay far, far away from you for the rest of the night? Sometimes people do things so ridiculous they make you say ‘What were they thinking?’

I have put this list about the most terrible pick up lines people have had to deal with together for all your humour needs and dating guidance of what lines not to use if you want to successfully get someone’s number.

“I hear you’re looking for a stud. Well, I’ve got the STD and all I need is you.”

Please do not ever use this one lads.

“Go on; feel my jacket. It’s made of boyfriend material.”

Overused, overworked, over it.

Is Your Name Google? Because You Have Everything I’ve Been Searching For.

Not so bad, but still, cringe.

If I Could Rearrange The Alphabet I’d Put U And I Together.

Leave it in primary school pls.

Is Your Dad A Drug Dealer? Cause You’re So Dope!


If I Follow You Home, Will You Keep Me?

Stalker Alert!

Chat-up lines are often used by men – and sometimes women – to catch a potential love interest’s attention. 

They’re kind of like ice breakers – things people used to shout across streets and whisper into ears (you know, when socialising outside households was actively encouraged!), and now typically swap on online dating apps like Tinder.

Though we can all agree they’re not the most romantic or charming things in the world, some people love them, some people hate them. There is something attractive about someone who can reel off a line, whether it’s silly or serious, with confidence.

The worst pickup lines are always the typical ones like, ‘Hey, are you from around here?’ But it also has a lot to do with your body language and tone. If you’re drunk, sloppy, and slurring your words, then no line will work.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Stay safe & take care,

Sammi xx

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