Reiss Boogie – Raindrops 🎶

Reiss Boogie - Raindrops


Taken from Reiss Boogie’s forth coming EP entitled ‘Umbrella Weather’ this is ‘Raindrops’

Uk Rapper, Actor, Model & CEO of everything #RB3 Reiss Boogie recently joined me on IGTV Live for a chat about her new single ‘Raindrops’, next moves and what ‘Umbrella Weather’ means.

You can watch part of our conversation here.

Reiss has been crafting her artistry for over 15 years and has an abundance of the most intelligent lyrical wordplay. I’m not being biased here, you’ll find out for yourself once you start to hear more music from ‘Umbrella Weather’

Reiss is an artist in many areas, acting from a young age, modelling, youtuber and podcaster, let’s not forget also an avid TikToker!

Follow Reiss Boogie on Instagram here

stay safe & take care,

Sammi xx

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