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With the restrictions easing around the world I thought it important to discuss post-lockdown anxiety. During lockdown, many of us have adapted to a new way of living, a new schedule, and a new way of doing everyday things. Many people haven’t been outside for months, or only gone outside once a day for an hour at a time so it is natural that many of us may feel a little anxious to get back into the swing of things. Coming out of this new way of living may cause high levels of anxiety, especially when there is the possibility of another lockdown. Below I detail ways that may help you combat this post-lockdown anxiety.

Don’t Rush Yourself

If you aren’t ready for jumping straight back in to normality, give yourself small steps. Go out twice in one day instead of once and each day increase what you’re doing until you don’t realise you’re doing it anymore. Taking it one day at a time is important, don’t focus on what life will be like in a month – no one knows – focus on today. It’s a slow and steady process, but slow and steady wins the race and it could be the best way to beat post-lockdown anxiety without overwhelming yourself.

Listen To Local Advice Only

Don’t worry about what’s happening elsewhere in the country, listen to your local advice. If you’re from London and you see deaths rising in a town in Scotland, of course, you’ll be alarmed. However, you are still in London and will have different advice and restrictions. Read your local newspaper (this can also be done online) to see what restrictions are currently in place in your local area and follow those.

Remember That Post-Lockdown Anxiety is Normal

You’ve been cooped up in your home for several weeks, but so has everyone else. Feeling anxious about getting back to reality is expected and your neighbours, friends and family are probably feeling the same. We’re in unprecedented territory here and no one knows the best way to get back to our normal routine. So talk to your friends and family about how you’re feeling, share ideas and comfort each other.


Monitor Your Inner Dialogue

Are your thoughts contributing to your post-lockdown anxiety? Find a way to change your thought process to help you get through the day. It’s so easy to slip in to the negative through process that stops us from doing things, but there are ways to combat this. One of the best ways to do this is to consciously change your thought process. If you find yourself thinking in a negative way, start thinking positive. An example of this: if you find yourself thinking about what you did wrong in any scenario, change the thought process to be thinking about what you will do to change that in the future.

Consider Therapy To Manage Your Post-Lockdown Anxiety

It will be an adjustment for us all, and in many cases not a welcome one. Getting back to normal will be so hard, especially for those who have been unemployed or furloughed for a long period of time. Therapy can help you work through this and feel truly comfortable returning to your office or to work. There will naturally be some fearful feelings about doing normal social things like eating out, being in pubs, bowling or the cinema. This is normal and a therapist can give you coping mechanisms.

Talk To Your Family And Friends

Your concerns won’t be isolated. Your friends and family may be feeling them too. If you’re nervous about getting back out and doing things, try to organise doing them with the people you trust the most. There is a comfort in being around the people you love and that can make the transition back to the “real world” so much easier.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Forced Into Doing Things

When you’re feeling anxious, it can be easier to say yes to something you aren’t actually comfortable with. Learn to use the word “no” and realise that you aren’t actually letting anyone down. If you aren’t ready to go on an outing you have to say no. You aren’t going to be any fun if you do go and you’ll feel more anxious when you return home. The only person who knows what you’re ready for is you, don’t let someone else dictate how you feel.

There are so many resources that can help you and your family deal with and learn about anxiety:

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Stay safe & take care,

Sammi xx

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